Specialist REME TA Coy - Grangemouth

Ok, not so much rumour mill, but, im rather light on the facts...

Does anyone have any info on the Specialist REME Coy that is allegedly going to be co-located with 153Wksp in Grangemouth? I've heard dates of April '08 for its formation, however, this month was the first i've heard it was happening?

I would have stuck this in the TA thread, but they wouldnt know an ECCP from a VCP.
The Nat TA Coys are resubordinating from 104 to either 102 or 103 as a part of REME Restructuring. REME Bns(V) are resubordinating their coys too. For example, 153 Coy is currently a part of 101 and will change to 102, with 186 & 124 coys. 101 and 104 will become Force Sp Bns, and 102 & 102 will become Hybrid Bns - a mix of Nat and Indep TA.
Dont have a clue about your question but I was a regular psi when the unit was first put together, oh the memories! sorry not much help, are some of the old boys still around, pete gol***, maj phil stu***, mr middlet** the list is endless.
Most the old sweats are there, bar the Woopert.

Your lucky enough to have been their when the Coy was in its haydays. Its starting to recover after having a particularly low spot lasting 4 years. :roll:
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