Help needed finding the definative answer on the reduction of specialist pay when the soldier terminates his service or is downgraded. I know that the field that needs populating is the Application of early termination (AET) found in the soldiers flexi field. At present and this is probably across the board this has not been populated resulting in the guys specialist pay not being reduced down to the 50% level for their remaining 12 months service. Have grilled the termination cell and they deny all knowledge and that it has nothing to do with them. Can someone direct me to the relevant BPG or have come across this themselves recently.

ps. It can be fixed by I-Support when it eventually makes it way back to the the Basic Specialist Pay Cell, but there must a a process somewhere for a Career Manager ect to automatically carry out this process. :? :?
Ewan have checked the BPGs and it appears that the payment is calculated by JPA:

"The JPA system calculates and pays the Service Person"

Therefore I would assume that when NTT hits and is actioned by Termination Cell at APC JPA should reduce the amount the 50% automatically.

As for downgrading as I would suggest that I Support should be used - can't quote as we don't yet have Med Details on JPA.

If JPA isn't reducing by 50% then I would suggest you send this up to your ICT as this is something that should surely be linked on JPA for automatic payment?

Cheers Jock,

Yes after much digging I would be surprised if this has happened for anyone. Awaiting Tiger Team answer for policy on this. A very emotive subject and to be honest not one I am happy to get up and running. :oops:

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