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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by luvs2spooge, Feb 29, 2012.

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  1. does anybody know to the pay bonus for living abroad/completing the all arms commando course is or any any other specialist pay that there is??
  2. There are various things that get you specialist pay. Why do you want a list?

    Are you going to choose your job on what pay you can get, over you're career enjoyment? If so, I suggest you rethink your strategy.
  3. If you look at the AFPRB recommendations, you will find a reasonably comprehensive list of Specialist Pay. Google it, or Bing it if you prefer.
  4. Career enjoyment in today's army? You're having a ******* laugh! Many soldiers do courses/transfer for extra dosh.
  5. I don't blame them, but if you're going in fresh faced as a red-arrse, you're better off doing what you want then crack on with courses etc
  6. thanks for the help im hoping to have a long career in the army and the pay bonuses are just perks and i dont intend to revolve my career around them

  7. unfortunatly m8 any of the spec pay job usually does mean ...... revolving around them, as the way it's seen is wyh give you extra dosh if you give nothing back to the Army/Navy/CRAB, usually SP pay is endowned to a job role and the din states: "IF YOU AINT IN IT, YOU WONT WIN IT"
  8. There is no pay "bonus" for being abroad. You will possibly qualify for LOA which is an allowance to make up for the additional cost of living wherever you are. It varies according to location. Then there is the OP tour allowance - thats the only significant "bonus" that most poeple get these days and, of course, you only get it when you are on ops so it is well deserved.
  9. Nice though it is to see the guys getting extra dosh (as opposed to the IFOR/KFOR bollocks where we got a pay cut for being there) isn't the whole thing just a bit of government PR trying to ride on the popularity coat tails?

    Not for one minute do I think it is not earned (by some) but why is it only recently been seen to be required? Does the UN pay still go straight into the government coffers still?
  10. It was given as a direct consequence of publicity surrounding the fact that US (and most other) Service Personnel pay no tax when deployed, which is why the sum is set at the figure it is,i.e. the amount of tax that the lowest-paid Pte pays, so they get all their tax back, and those of us who are slightly better paid get an increasingly smaller portion back whilst the politicians crow about how they are looking after us.
  11. Actually JP, it WAS set at that rate but has more recently been doubled so is now significantly more than the equivalent of the tax-back.

    Whatever the case may be for jusrtifying the level of payment, it is thoroughly deserved and has absolutely NO link to the whole UN pay argument raised by Steven that was last trotted out (to my knowledge anyway, during the Balkans episode). I believe the answer to that one was "British soldiers are not mercenaries for hire by the UN".
  12. You are, of course, correct. I seem to recall that went hand-in-hand with the pay-freeze imposed by the ConDems when they came into power, so they wouldn't be accused of cutting pay to those on the front line.