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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by HardMan_wannabe, Mar 30, 2004.

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  1. So basically you guys intercept / disrupt enemy signals? Just wandering what its like. Do you have to go into the field or do you have remote listening posts like NSA and GCHQ? Are your skills actually of any worth in Civvy Street? Whats the training like? All help appreciated lads.
  2. Still scaleys though! Coke bottle glasses, a bad case of acne and a teenagers crush on Gillian Anderson.
  3. Hootch mate..

    We know what we are like, and know what we do. You clearly don't. you're not going to get a bite, so take a rest.
  4. The best thing specops ever did was make Techs look like soldiers at 225. Good Sqn bar though! :p
  5. 23C

    23C Clanker

    Oh Pal! Those questions made me laugh; no one in their right mind will answer any of them.

    But, I can tell you this….

    Streptococcus Epidermis is the bacterium, which makes your skin tacky when you do not wash; it also turns contaminated cloth yellow once subjected to oxygen.

    Does that help in any way?
  6. Not answer cos of opsec or summat? i dont wanna know anything specific or secret or whatever, i ain't stupid. I jus wandered what the jobs like, or if its just glorified typing.
  7. i'm afraid that 23C is right. no one is ever going to answer those questions, well, no one who actually knows the answers that is. Just
    one of lifes little disappointments i'm afraid.

    On the plus side you (and i) have learnt something new about bacteria!
  8. Do be brief!

    When you pass phase 3 trg you get handed a bunch of passports under different names with degree certificates, job references, P45s etc - all false. You get to use them for a couple of wks at a time then have to change.

    Job is fairly interesting but, if you get killed on duty, the govt will deny your existence and claim you were a civvy contractor doing security or a journalist. Not everyone's cup of tea but it depends what you want from a career in the Army.


  9. er...I was being sarcastic :!:
  10. See your RCMO, he will show you a coloured hand bag chart.

    The smaller the handbag the more covert your role is...
  11. If what I've heard is right, the training is pretty hard (bit techish apparently) and between 6 - 9 months long. I'm not sure exactly how long, as I heard talk of a big change in the trade training programme.

    The postings are pretty limited - EOD (all over the place), 14 Sigs, (which is somewhere in Wales), NI, someplace near Lincoln, a slack handful of posts in Germany and Cyprus and thats about it!

    The spec ops I've met seem to enjoy the job - when they get to do it! Biggest drawback would be actually being a spec op, as the rest of the Corps fookin hate 'em! Even techs get less sh1t! Promotion is not as fast as techs, but seems faster than RS Op etc. More than that I can't tell you, or I'd have to shoot you!
  12. if in the slightest possibility you are being straight, go to http://www.army.mod.uk/royalsignals/ they wont tell you what the troops say, it is however the official web site.[/quote]
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    and don't forget good old FI, GCHQ and a few others small places