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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Kujaroth, May 11, 2006.

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  1. Hello there.

    Yesterday I had my talk down the army career place, and today I done my BARB test etc etc, and was advised to System Eng Tech, Avionics Tech or Specialist Operator. \

    The Sargeant I was speaking with told me alot about System Tech Eng and Avionics Tech but didn't have time to go through the Specialist Operator information and I was wondering if anyone here knows anything about it? I've looked all over internet etc but didn't really find alot about it. I can see myself going in as a Sys Tech but would like to know about my other options, sorry I haven't been specific of what information I want but any information about it is much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    Spec Op Also known as a Wobbly head as you go mad after a while. Smaller trade than use to be but may increase with the good old war against terror
  3. Good promotion as a Spec Op, but I think they're hated even more than techs are. Ive never met one but everyone I know seems to slag them for being geeks.

    Good postings too, Id give my right b0llock to get posted to one of their camps i visited........
  4. Your trade training will also be done at Chicksands, so plenty of raf and int corp birds. The camp is an old American airbase so its modern by our standards! But you know what i've never met a spec op either, maybe thats why they're special......
  5. to be a spec op you need to have special needs. big thick glasses, dribbering alot, be able to be locked up in a small box for hours on end, great life....NOT

    HIGROUND....... are you trying to say hfwest is a good camp???
  6. I think that is just one of Higrounds brainfarts again.

    Are they different to me? Yes, they are. They are geeks/tawts/losers/thick/etc. Finish off with the line "I have never met one"

    Or "I wouldn't know one if they came up to me in the street with a sandwich board proclaiming to be one"
  7. I met a potential spec op when we did basic and he was completely mad before they even got their hands on him. I was told they sit in dark windowless rooms for 12 hours a day listening, sounds fun eh.
  8. There was a couple of spec ops on my Sgts course, one of whom was at Blah, and hooned the fcuk out of the phys. Fcuking good blokes, as were most of the course, regardless of trade. Don't listen to higround, as his experience is as limited as his prejudice is wide!

    (That said, he is quite funny with it :wink: )
  9. I was also selected to be a Spec Op when I first joined the R. Sigs ten years ago. I then went on to become a Linguist, however we do our training side by side with the Spec Ops at Chicksands. If you choose this trade you'll basically become an expert in Signals Intelligence and Electronic Warfare. Alot of people at the careers office and in the army as a whole don't know a great deal about the job as it is highly classified work.
    The job itself and the training is very maths intensive and has a high failure rate. If you are successful though you will be a Lcpl upon completion of training. The promotion there after is pretty good too. The job is interception and analysis of various type of signals... among other things. The work in Sig Int has become very interesting in the last 5 or 6 years.
    Please don't listen to people who will tell you that you'll go mad and that all Spec Ops are wobbly heads. The majority of people in the R. Sigs know nothing about the job as Sig Int bods have their own units and don't tend to see much of the rest of the R.Sigs. I have some really good mates who are Spec Ops and none of them have wobbly heads or are mad!! lol
    If you want to ask me anything else... obviously not anything that may be classified.. then give us a shout
  10. Some good research and factual reporting blokes FFS
  11. I am thinking of re-trading just on higrounds info, Zofo.

    Good promotion, possibley hated more than techs (although as a civie I would have no idea what the f*ck he is on about at this point), slagged for being geeks and may have good postings that a person would give up a testi for.

    From a guy that has never met a member of the trade.

    How is this not good info?
  12. Good God no, I wasn't referring to hfordwest!
  13. Hello all,

    Well I can give you all the rundown on the Spec Op. Been one for 22 years now.

    We are a Signals trade that are posted within our own environment. That is why we are disliked by some of the other corps personnel. Jealousy maybe.

    The promotional prospects at junior rank level is, on average, better than the rest of the corps. The senior promotions are a joke. That is why we have probably got such a bad name. As long as you can turn up for work you will get promotion."no joke"

    The trade is very clicky. If you are an arse licker you will go far and probably get commissioned. If you dont arse lick you will probably only end up as a WO1.

    The majority of the trade are back stabbing b******s and will do anything to succeed in their given environment. "Not all. Some blokes are great"

    The trade has gotten very technical and will provide you with opportunity to work in a varying ammount of environments. Inc EOD if you so wish.

    However, as I am now experiencing. The chance of getting a job in civi street is very, very hard.

    After you have read this you will all probably be saying "listen to that disgruntled git" Yes, your correct. I havent got many friends within the trade as I dont like arse licking gits. The mates I have got are similar to me in that we keep ourselves out of the forces environment.

  14. Nice info: the rest is just sad, sad, sad. All that balls about dark rooms, madness etc etc...too much!
    I was not a spec op but an EWOP but did the spec op training and then onto languages. I had a lot of good mates who were spec ops - there were some good postings but this was some time ago.