Specialist jobs within the Infantry.

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Bigfix, Sep 2, 2010.

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  1. Hello,

    Looking through a 'Army Life - Your guide to The Infantry' booklet I was given by my local AFCO today I saw that there were Specialist jobs with in the infantry, I've wanted to join the infantry for a while now but never knew anything about there being specialist jobs.

    Anyway was just wondering if someone could give me a hand and tell me some of the specialist jobs, according to the booklet there is:-

    - Anti-Tank missile operator
    - Assault pioneer
    - Infantry Commando
    - Infantry driver
    - Infantry musician
    - Infantry signaller
    - Infantry storeman
    - IT specialist
    - Machine gunner
    - Medic
    - Mortarman
    - Sniper

    At the end of the list it says there are many more specialist jobs, if anyone could name some others it would be much appreciated.

    Whilst I'm at it how much do these specialist jobs make a tour of duty differ? As would you constantly be doing other things to people in your section if you didn't have the same specialist job or whatever?

    Any help would be highly appreciated, thanks.
  2. dont worry about the jobs mate, your first priority is to get in followed by passing out of training and getting to your battalion then actually learning what it is to be an infantryman.

    worry about them jobs when you have made the grade and done a tour
  3. Ah, okay. I thought I was getting myself worked up. Can I just ask do you need to specialise or is there an option not to?
  4. youll do what your coc wants you to do mate, yes you can try and steer yourself in a certain direction or not but it depends on your coc at the end of the day,
  5. Retarded, rifle-coy binned Mess Waiter
    Grumpy Storeman
    Cocky, kit-tart Recce Platoon bstard
    Scary Regimental Policeman
    Vain, IQ-negative PTI
    etc ...
  6. I do understand the question but as an ex RGJ it always irks me when the term specialist is used out of context. The infantry is a specialist role and to be an Infanteer within a rifle section stands shoulder to shoulder with any other role within Battalion, the relationship between all roles is self supporting. As was said in an earlier post you have to crack the infantry role before you would be considered for any support to role function. Because ultimately all other roles are support to achieving the core function.
  7. No matter what your "specialisation" your an infantryman first, after that it mainly depends on what platoon your sent to, eg mortar pln, recce pln etc etc

  8. Support Coy is usually the preserve of senior or experienced Riflemen. Chaps who have spent a year or so in a Rifle Pln and already got a tour under their belts. The various platoons on offer are Anti-Tanks, Mortars, Recce, Sniper, Assault Pioneers, Signals. Their is also the possibility of going to HQ Coy as Provo staff or as an Infantry medic etc. There are even a very few support slots in a Rifle Coy for Rfn (stores usually).

    Do you have to go? Well it is usually the natural progression of things as most battalions will want their Rfn to have a a wider experience before becoming NCOs, but it's not set in stone by any means. There was one lad in my Coy who decidedly did not want to go on to Support Coy and preferred to stay in his platoon. Despite weeks of us trying explain to him that it was actually a reward and that he would get to be treated like an adult etc., he just wanted to stay where he was. And thus it was, though I'm happy to say that he jumped on the first JNCO cadre that he was eligible for and did himself credit.
  9. By the way - delete medic, they are all going to be RAMC in the next 5 years.
  10. Thanks for all the help guys, It's just I got given a booklet down at the local recruiting office about the infantry and I never knew anything about jobs within the infantry. Thanks for all the useful posts has helped :).