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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by becca1998, Jun 15, 2011.

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  1. Hi everyone!

    Just wondered if anybody would be able to shed a bit of light on how long I could have to wait for my specialist interview with the King's Troop! Passed my selection and hoping to be in for September but all depends on how soon I get my specialist interview.

    Any information would be much appreciated. Bex :) x :)
  2. Ive had a few go down on this recently and got on prior to ADSC, all your Recruiter needs to do is phone up Sgt V at Kings Troop and find out when the next available course is with places left. There is one starting Sunday but believe its full....but speak to your own Recruiter and see when they can get you on next.
  3. Thank you :) He said he will let me know within 4-5 days (on Monday) so hoping that will be this week. I really hope I won't have to wait too long :( Really hoping to be in for September. I don't even know what it entails to be honest. Sure my recruiter will let me know though once he has spoke to me!
  4. You might want to read up on stranglers
  5. There might be a delay as anyone connected with the Kings Troop is suspected of having Human/horse STD's.

    Might be about teamwork and levels of fitness, you might think sitting on a horse is easy, but it's quite hard garft riding. Plus team work is still critical in horsemanship.

    Otherwise it'll be "What's your best excuse for not being on the Trooping this year and how do you feel about Kings troop getting a 10 year ban for being AWOL on the Trooping"?
  6. Stranglers??

    Haha ex-donkey-man - yeah teamwork is still needed! I know riding is not easy, I have a purebred arab and wouldn't say she is easy to ride. But thanks for the tips :)
  7. Yep stranglers check the Gunners thread - King's Troop (not) on Parade
  8. Count yourself lucky your not joining the HCav (Could join the band) they despise those that can ride when they join! I think some of it is due to bad habits, other due to the fact they (Instructors) get funny looks in riding school as the words "Right in a minute, you're going to get out of your saddle and stand on your horses back. But first we'll take from the trot into the C word and canter once your stood up"! They never used the word canter at the start as all the ohrses went mad with newbies on it.
    I don't think they do it any more in the HCav due to injuries, same as allowing the lads to ride the coach troop horses at summer camp. (If you really were missing several screws).
  9. Yeah suppose you're right with the part about despising people who can already ride as everyone picks up bad habits.

    Yeah as soon as the horses hear canter, I bet they want to go for it haha!
  10. Hello Bex,

    I don't have anything especially helpful to say, but I wanted to wish you the very best of luck. Please let us know how you get on.

    Congrats on your Arab as well, excellent (if labour intensive) choice.

    LB x
  11. Thank you very much :) Are you or have you been in the Troop?

    She's brilliant my Arab, Rusanna she's called. Offspring of the great Rusleem - amazing :) She's a nutter though, definitely not one to ride when not paying full attention but love every minute of it. Nothing better than an extremely fast gallop after work in the sunset.

    I am still waiting to hear when my date for specialist interview will be. I am hoping to be in basic training for September, not looking too promising at the minute though.

    Will definitely keep you posted.

    Bex xx
  12. Never been in any aspect of the Army darling, just married one. ;-)

    I was a keen rider once upon a time, hoping to get back into it once I get the all clear from the saw-bones.

    Rusleem, as in out of Rullante? God, I am jealous. I'm sure she is spicy though. I think I remember you from another thread, don't you event with her?

    Good luck once again,

    LB x
  13. Aww I hope you can get back into it soon :) It's a fantastic hobby!

    Yeah that's the one, Rusleem out of Rullante! He is amazing. She used to be chestnut but she's grey now :) She has the most amazing extended trot ever. I posted a thread asking if anyone competed for the Army.

    Bex xx
  14. God, this is a polite thread now isn't it! Now while you two dribble and gaze in to each others eyes, I'll point out that Yes you can usually go for comps whilst serving. I don't know to what extent, or if rank has anything to do with it, but I stuggled to find previous members of the Olympic teams that had served.
    I know William Fox-Pitt was a Capt, (Very nice guy) and Richard Waygood MBE (Went through ranks to Riding master, Tpr - Major) Were both in my Regt and took part within the olympics, but I don't quite know in what capacity. There is another old riding master that is doing something to show off tent pegging I believe in the 2012 games.

    EDM xxx

    (Sorry, but kisses seem the rage here) TTFN.
  15. If you can google Rullante and there's a picture of it from 1989, 15h 1, bit of a skinny thing isn't it? Looks like the Kate Moss of horses!