Specialist footwear at RMAS

Discussion in 'Officers' started by V0jnik, Jan 13, 2009.

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  1. Gentlemen, thank you in advance for your help and I apologise if this has been covered anywhere else, I've done my best to find the answer already but to no avail.

    After a period in the TA I will be shortly going to RMAS for a regular commision. During my time in the TA it was "discovered" that I have funny shaped feet and after numerous examinations by various Bn medical officers I was given a modest cheque and told to toddle off to buy some specialist footwear by the RAO.

    Now I can appreciate that RMAS staff take a dim view of people bringing their own kit and I am apprehensive (to say the least) about rocking up in a shiny pair of Alt-Bergs on my first day and being told in no uncertain terms to get to f*ck by my CSgt.

    The fact is however that standard issue boots, or even the Magnums that some people are issued for wide feet simply do not fit me. I'm not being a wimpy crap-hat, two army medical officers have attested to this and 3 years of smashed feet and blisters and biff-chits tell their own story.

    Basically my question is whether with proper paperwork (i.e a letters from my Bn medical officer and GP) I would be allowed to wear my specialist boots on field exercise or during long tabs/cft's etc. Cutting around camp and drill I could probably fit into some issue boots and get the old oxide tape out to stop the bleeding.

    Anyway thanks for your eagerly anticipated sage words of advice.
  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    If you haven't been to the pre-course briefing yet, tell them then; if you have, get in touch with the Officer Cadet Admin Cell.
  3. In a similar vein, what is the view on orthotic insoles which can be worn in issue footwear?

    Sorry for the hi-jack.

    edit- just to qualify further. I've searched about them and understand that it may be done on a case by case basis but in general, if you turn up with some insoles that haven't been issued by/through the Army, will you be allowed to use them?
  4. Good lord! I have had my arm removed by a cannon ball but was fitted by the MO of my fencible unit with a wooden stock and metal hook. I have now been accepted for training at the HEIC college at Addiscombe...will I be permitted to use my prosthetic limb? I am aware that just pitching up in an eye-patch, with a wooden leg is frowned upon...

    I know we are short of new candidates but I hadn't realised how short! :wink:
  6. The DS are issued X-Ray specs.
  7. Was it sore?
  8. F*ck off cuddles! :D If the Army turn me down on the basis of beeing a duck footed, knock knee'd cripple then I'll drag them to the European courts of Whinging and Sandy Fannies and force them...

    However, assuming Sandhurst entails endless inspections and show parades I wouldn't expect the DS to miss something like that!
  9. I had trouble with my feet prior RMAS. I managed to swing these past the Staff. They never noticed a thing !!!! Made them myself too I did.


    sorry, but you asked for that. Only suprised I'm the first to do it ! :D

  10. Lol thanks for that, "Elf Slippers" just made me spray my keyboard with tea. I'll investigate further with the cadet admin cell and see what the chat is. It be a shame to get endlessly biff chitted over something that isn't an issue.

    I can see that with my elf slippers, advancing age and hard-to-pronounce surname the chances of staying off the DS's radar are rapidly receeding.
  11. Orthotics won't be a problem, as nobody will see them.

    If you turn up with your mongo-feet biff chit I'm sure arrangements will be made as long as your chosen footwear is high leg, has a suitable sole and doesn't make you look like a Bosnian.
  12. Bosnian comment aside, thank you for the advice........I'll crack on with getting my paperwork in order.
  13. I cant see the problem you wearing yer fancy non issue boots on EX etc, however, ref the insoles, they would be spotted during an inspection etc (unless of course yer wearing them inside yer boots at the time and asked to take off yer boots for an inside inspection !!!) A m8 of mine was jailed for a good 2 hour beasting years ago for having lost a pair of insoles during a full kit inspection, and that was in the Bn !

    Ps, i forgot, he was missing his K out of his KFS too lol ! :roll:
  14. OCAU, they can call you for service opinion if needed. Given you should have a 966 testifying to the specialness of your feet anyway they probably won't. Need to consider soft boots, service dress shoes etc now though, as god only knows how long special fits for those would take.
  15. I was issued orthotics at RMAS for dodgy feet. No one said a thing. They fitted into the issue Boots Combat High so I wore them for all occasions just like everyone else. They are more than good enough for any conditions you will encounter in the UK. The DS are not truly **** enough to get bothered about what you put in your boots as long as poor foot admin doesn't let you down. Using orthotics is clearly good foot admin.

    Non issue boots may cause some CSgts to throw a wobbly due to lack of uniformity, but once you're out, no one will give two hoots!