Specialist fastener suppliers for Left Hand bolts

Discussion in 'DIY' started by EX_STAB, Jan 21, 2010.

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  1. I need a couple of lengths of Left hand threaded bar or Left hand bolts, about 100mm each. with nuts to match.

    (L/H M12 ISO)

    Can anyone suggest suppliers who will carry these and will sell small quantities without crazy minimum order charges?

  2. Tbh, for oddball stuff my local fastner suppliers has always come through, not got one near you?
  3. Yes but they've come over all NFI....... :(
  4. You could give these folks a try, EX_STAB:


    Although your post just earned me a slap around the back of the dumpling from my wife (not your fault, though). She's a Wop, you see, and she read your post and was very chuffed that she understood it. But her solution made me burst out laughing. It was: "E semplice. Proprio gira le cose." Which means: "It's simple. Just turn the things around."

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  5. Try all threads in Preston they don't have minimum orders used to get nuts/bolts there for my Lambretta linky either that or I can try a place in Paisley for you and post them down
  6. AIP on Salford Quays (0161 877 7804) can probably help you out. They have supplied my dads company with fasteners for the last 20 odd years
  7. Do they offer free time travel?
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  8. don't forget to pick up a left handed spanner too !! ;)
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  9. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Hope the OP remembered to pick up a left-handed adjustable to make sure the job was done properly.
  10. This is useful as Madame V always turns a screw the wrong way and I could replace every screw/ bolt in the house and all would be good.
  11. In the US you could go to Fastenal or McMaster-Carr for this kind of thing. Don't know if they have a European operation.

    Failing that, how about a set of left handed taps & dies & make them yourself?

  12. Guess this will be you then, Alex:

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