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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by OMGIMAGHOST, Feb 29, 2008.

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  1. how do you become a gurker ?
  2. How do you mean? do you want to join a Gurkha regiment, or do you acually want to 'be' one?

  3. sorry for my spelling n the word gurkha,i would like to know how to become one. whetaher you go through a normal basic training as an infantry soldier im just lost on it thanks for any advice.
  4. You could start by going back in time and being re-born in Nepal.
  5. First master the following.

    Syntax - the ordering of and relationship between the words and other structural elements in phrases and sentences. The syntax may be of a whole language, a single phrase or sentence.

    Punctuation - the standardized nonalphabetical symbols or marks that are used to organize writing into clauses, phrases, and sentences, and in this way make its meaning clear

    Grammar - the system of rules by which words are formed and put together to make sentence, the rules for speaking or writing a particular language, or an analysis of the rules of a particular aspect of language, the spoken or written form of language that somebody uses with regard to accepted standards of correctness.

    Spelling - the ability to spell words correctly, the forming of words with letters in a conventionally accepted order.
  6. Wants to be in a knife fight then?
  7. Try this link for size Gurkha info

    oh and just to add wah
  8. Suedehead are you so bored that you just come on here to give sarcy answers to people just looking for a little help,it's not as if you're forced to comment so why do you bother?
  9. Looking for a little help? If they used their initiative , they could find all the answers they need ,and more, on google, instead of asking bone questions and cluttering up this forum with useless sh*t. (like you)
  10. so why do you clog up the forum more by responding with things that have nothing to do with the topic
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  13. yeah ok very mature mate you seriously must be bored,i'm just trying to prevent you pissing off people that are just after a little help

  14. Can someone please help him and explain what a WAH is. I thought he was double WAHing us but i really do think he is serious. Mong!!