specialising in the paras

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by calum498, May 10, 2007.

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  1. when youve done three years service in the paras whats it best going for.Like pathfinders,sniper,mortar or even sas.
  2. Are you for real?
  3. The commandos!!!
  4. If you're young, innocent and smooth I can definitely recommend the Mortar Platoon.
  5. If you are the chosen man and have the ring of confidence!
  6. Moody specialises in Paras.
  7. Try a plea of mitigation with a view to community service.
  8. LMAO! :D
  9. I have heard that Army does select, those of the correct aptitude and who meet strict requirements, around 10 or so candidates from each battalion and sends them on the RWACC, which is held at Warminster .

    I believe that on sucessful completion of the Reading and Writing Airborne Combat Course most are then given either stripes or pips, according to their pass mark.

    Any comments regarding this?

  10. Quality Western!!
  11. Put in for 1 Para.