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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by shauntracy09, Feb 8, 2011.

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  1. just wondering if any one knows what the cut off age for joining military work force ? im ex TA and have worked with MWF twice as part of the un in cyprus , 2002 2003 . i was at that time invited to join them but saddly i did not , im 45 now and have been out the TA for 2 years , any advise would be good many thanks shaun
  2. I think the cut off is 43 for most units. However, depending on the unit and your previous experiance, this may be open to negotiation. The only way to find out is to 'phone whatever unit you are interested in and ask. The worst they can say is, "No".

    Don't ask, don't get.

    Good luck.
  3. With previous TA service you can rejoin up to your 55th birthday. If you rejoin within 3 years of leaving the TA you are entitled to rejoin at the same rank you left at. 65 Works Group RE can be contacted from the official Army site here: Contact - British Army Website
  4. No offence intended, but are you sure this applies to most units? I thought 43/44 was the max for any TA unit, with a few having a significantly lower age limit.

    Once again, not trying to pick a fight, I'm just curious.
  5. The 43rd birthday is the cut-off for attestation of personnel without prior service (in most units, RMP and Para for example are different). I'm happy to dig out Chapter and verse if someone is telling you different...
  6. I'm going through training now (just got injured on me alpha course-bloody rabbit hole!) and I'm 46, I was attested at 45 3/4 if this helps. The run on your selection weekend should be no more than 14mins BUT that is for a recruit, by the time you get to your unit, having passed off the square, you should hit your required time for your age- mine is 12m30s.
  7. As a matter of fact, it was one of your brother Mods - MSR, who cut and pasted Army regulations that state the maximum age for Attestation is 43. No mention of a higher age for those with previous military service.

    Once again, it is not my intention to insult you or insinuate that you are wrong. I am genuinely curious as to which is the correct age limit.

    Thank you.
  8. Just apply like I did. I had no previous service but was in a few years ago but left for personal reasons half way through the recruits course (when it was a 2 week course) and couldn't believe it when I got a call from the recruiting office at Grantham to confirm my selection weekend, anyway, I was convinced I'd get a letter telling me they'd dropped a bollock and not noticed my date of birth but it never happened! One of the troop commanders on the alpha course was saying that he'd had someone aged 49, but he was ex staffs regiment. Anyway, just go for it!! Good luck.
  9. Back to shaun...

    With respect to joining 170 (Infra Sp) Engr Gp (not limiting to 65 Wks Gp as there are TA STRE in the other Wks Gps), it depends on what you have to offer. You mention being attached while in Cyprus, I'm guessing as an Op TOSCA deployment? Do you have a civvy trade/qualification/experience that makes you particularly useful? If so, you're in with a good chance of joining an STRE. If you have a military trade e.g. driver, signaller etc., you're also in with a chance, though most likely in Echelon.

    Seeing as you quit the TA two years ago, why do you want to get back in and, particularly, in 170? I presume that you come from an Independent TA background. Specialist TA can come as a bit of a shock for several reasons. The first thing you'll notice is the reduction in time in uniform - you'll meet members of your Team only three to five times per year. If you've been used to a regular income from the TA, you'll miss that as well - two weeks pay for Camp, nothing for three months, three weekends pay over three months, then nothing for six months. The pace will come as a surprise too. Trying to fit a year's training into three weekends. Camp isn't training in the usual sense, it's a proper job with a required output, picking up the military system as you use your civvy expertise, done at the double because you've got a short and finite time frame. Chances are, you'd get paid more in your civvy job for doing less work.

    That's the down side. What makes it bearable are the personnel. Everybody, of whatever rank, is approachable. Everybody is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Everybody looks out for everybody else - and that's not just within the Teams but across the whole Engineer Group. (In an Infantry perspective, that's like saying that the CSM of A Coy will grab a shovel to help Pte Bloggs of C Coy to dig his fire trench while the Colonel swings a pick).

    If you're particularly keen to mobilise, you've got time to do 20 tours - and if that's not enough, an indication to wish to mobilise can extend your service beyond age 55.

    But, for a definitive answer on whether you can join, the answer won't be found on ARRSE. Look at the bottom of the page: Who Do We Need? - British Army Website and telephone the Oracle.
  10. To sate your curiosity have a read of TA Regs chapter 5, specifically Annex C. Available via www.armynet.mod.uk
  11. Thank you for the link.
  12. One of the troop commanders on the alpha course was saying that he'd had someone aged 49, but he was ex staffs regiment. Anyway, just go for it!! Good luck.

    I believe said chap was on the same 9 day (Bravo?) course as me. Another bloke on my Charlie course, same age, was into running marathons. He was awarded oustanding recruit. It can be done :=)
  13. Shaun T,
    in addition to the advice from my esteemed colleague Mr Puttees, try speaking to the ROSO (Regimental Operational Support Officer) who handles recruiting for 170''' (he's a damn fine fellow) on 0115 9572873, and he will put you straight!