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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by JayJ, Jun 24, 2009.

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  1. Im just looking for some information about jobs in the infantry,

    you have, Driver, Communications, IT Specialist, Sniper, Mortarman, Physical Training Instructor, Storeman, Anti-Tank Missile Crewman, Reconnaissance Soldier, Paratrooper, Combat Medic, Assault Engineer, Regimental Policeman or Musician.

    ok so, what i want to know is or just to clarify, say i go into the Infantry, i go and do my 14 weeks basic training first, then i get to choose my path, IE specialise in one of them jobs above, then we go into phase 1, which is 26 weeks, while we specialise in one of the above jobs aswell.

    Also what i want to know is, in the long run, in all the above jobs, will you do patrols no matter which job you specialise in, in the infantry ?, Even say a storeman, or a IT specialist

    one more thing, where can i find information on them above jobs in the infantry, ive seen all the jobs on the army mod site, but theres nothing explaining the specilise jobs, sniper, It specialist take my eye but there nothing explaining what the job involves.

    above all the only thing im worried about is patrols, but then again isnt everyone.

    Thank you
  2. I also want more info on what to specialise in the infantry. I have my basic training
    Coming up 23rd August so hopefully there is some good informative response
  3. i start basic training in october, no matter how many books i read or sites i read or dvd's they gave me i cannot find anything on specialised jobs, and while i am at it i wanted to clarify a few things, but i think i confused myself with the opening post nevermind tropper haha,

    i have said for the past 3 years, which is how long it has taken me to get into the army that i wouldnt mind which job i went into, id be happy getting out of civy street, but as the time comes closer im a little nerves that i dont know about the jobs inside the infantry, im worried that i might get in there without knowing this info and them turning around and saying you cant specalise in this, that and that
  4. In my day (no lamp and sandbag intended), you joined a Rifle Company for a period of 18 - 36 months before you could elect for specialisation. I make the broad assumption that this is still pretty much the case.
  5. Just get through basic first, all will be made clear to you when you need to know, and there are no safe jobs in the Army, I know more than one bloke who got creamed in the OPs room
  6. so it wont be a big of a deal if i go in not knowing much about the specialised jobs,

    in the specalised jobs like i said in the opening thread, do they all do patrols ?, even a storeman or a IT Specalist
  7. Even bandsman, in fact it was a bandsman whe took the fourth and fifth bullets after I had caught the first three. The mounted regiment band have in the past been targeted by terrorists in Hyde Park FFS
  8. Not sure about IT specialist, must admit I do not have an igloo what one of those does.

    But in Afghan most of the deaths have been from Roadside IEDs (Bombs), the Storeman spends a lot of time driving about re-plenning patrol bases with rations, water, ammo & doing laundry runs etc. Drivers - well enough said there. Medics will also be out on foot/vehicles a lot too.

    Dont get too concerned about it. If your time is up, its up. Wether you are sat on the karzi in Sainsbury's or patrolling the next sh*tty war zone.
  9. I remember our command sig,an early kind of IT spec, getting his head split open by a map board in the ops room when a 15cwt van bomb(IED) went off outside the GCH in Belfast in 1976
  10. all depends on the unit your going to, in the last 6 months Support Company has taked soldiers straight from training, into specialist platons.
  11. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Tropper, stop being a dick. He's entitled to ask but if you don't agree, go somewhere else.
  12. Bear in mind that it takes a little while to get really good at just being a bayonet. Why not concentrate on finding your feet for a year or two and getting to know the organisation a little before adding extra complexity to your job?
  13. He asked if there are any realy safe jobs, in a roundabout way, and there ain't any, just proving the point
  14. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Did he? He may have been worried that he couldn't go out on a patrol if he specialized. Why don't you ask first before jumping to your own conclusions?
  15. For a start Infantry training at the ITC is phases 1 and 2 rolled into one course called the Combat Infantrymans Course lasting 26 weeks for line infantry, 28 for Guards and 30 for Para Regt (I think). If you are classed as a Junior Entry you'll firstly go to either AFC or ADC after which you'll do a shortened CIC.

    The jobs mentioned above (except for Paratrooper - which you'd either join straight away or transfer into later on) would initially be taught within the unit on 'Cadres' ie Sniper Cadre, Mortar Numbers Cadre, Driving Cadre etc.

    When (and if) you become a JNCO you'll have to go away to go on career courses to learn how to teach these specialisation and how to employ them tactically.

    So when you finish training you are trained as a Rifleman to take your place in a Rifle Platoon. All the other courses come later in your career.