specialise as a diver?

i'm thinking once i join (maybe getting ahead of myself)--that i would like to become a specialised diver--just wondering if anyone else has gone down this path and could tell me a bit about it?

thanks in advance


It is not really possible to "specialise" as a diver in the Corps. Divers are drawn from volunteers within units, who after training return back to those units as parts of unit diving teams. The team will form up for dive tasks, or for training, but once these are completed the individuals return to whatever their normal "day job" is. Different unit diving teams will do different amounts of diving depending on their role, and whether they are on tour etc.

As a diver progresses in experience there are advanced and supervisor qualifications to be gained. There are a few "full time" diving posts - such as instructors at the Diving School, but as a new joiner you won't be looking at getting these for years.
Ronnie8781 said:
No why do that when RE divers are a lot better?? Maybe you should try it matelot??
Someone's a bit delusional. :wink:
no i don't want to do it full time or anything, but i wanted to specialise in it--apparently anyone in the RE can if they want to.

i was just wondering what it's like when you do specialise in it ie- what percentage of your time does it take up, will it have a bad effect on my trade that kind of thing really, my trade is the main reason i want to join--but if i can make use of my diving experience then that can only be a bonus
If you want to be a bubble blower - shark wrestler - squadron w*nker then go for it the extra pay is top notch, but be aware it is not by any means an attendance course you need to be up for it when you go for your assessment.

i know that there is no shallow water divers anymore but the nicknames will always be around.

You do get to dive reasonably regularly as you have to keep your hours in. Sometimes quite a lot. As knocker says though, its not easy.
think these are the current rates PER DAY:

advanced - £10.36

supervisor - £17.99

so as you can see it can be worth your while doing.

yeah i heard about the physical requirments and know it's not gonna be a breeze...but whats the point in joining if you don't want a challenge!

thanks for the advice...anyone know if there if you have to be in a certain amount of time before you ask to be on it?
Just as i got to my first squadron in 1987, one of the lads from my troop had just died on his diving course...

apparently they were doing mud runs in dry bags and he inadvertetly boiled to death.

no walk in the park at all... i know lads who had done 9 and 59 said the physical side was tougher than both...
Being an RE Diver thought i would tell you abit about diving in the Engineers.

Diving is a spec qual and you will also need to do a trade. At work you will do your normal trade day to day but as a member of the regimental dive team you will from time to time be reqiured to do dive tasks. As a diver to keep your qual you have to dive a min of 4 hours every 6 months (more than it sounds) and complete an assesment annually. Diving is just a small part of being a sapper.

There are 3 stages of diving Basic, Advanced and Supervisor (around £6, £10 and £16 per day proving you keep in date). To become a diver you first have to pass a full medical and a 5 day apptitude to assess your potential. If you pass you then go on to do your basic course. The course is very demanding both physically and mentally with very long days but proving you have a good level of fitness, intelligence and mental robustness you will be fine. Wait till you get to your unit then hound your troop commander to get on the course. Also speak to other divers and the unit dive officer. The Corps is crying out for young keen potential divers so go for it and good luck.

Hope this helps any questions just ask.
From what i've seen and people i've spoken to, this is one of the hardest courses to pass next to SF/para/marines..etc etc...there isn't many divers in the corps...for all the right reasons..if it was that easy...we'd all be doing it!!!(for the pay of course!!lol) There is a beat-up course and assessment which you have to do.....get yourself ultra fit and give it a shot when you get to your regular unit(after speaking to a member of the dive team of course) and see how you find it 8)

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