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Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by taff683, Feb 28, 2006.

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  1. Do the panel agree that all service wives are of a special breed.They have to put up with so much more than civy wives.Long periods of seperation, moving every 3-4 years,bringing up the kids on their own etc.....................i think that they are very special
  2. Yes I think that goes for anyone involved with the services (girlfriends, children,parents etc)...but we do know what we are letting ourselves in for....don't we?
  3. Whats the matter Taff, you fed up of sleeping on the sofa? :wink: Say sorry and buy her some flowers you tight sod. :lol:
  4. Sorry I saw 'Special' Wives and thought someone had married a mong... Ah that'll be Mrs Taff then eh? :D

    Beebs x
  5. You are all welcome to her,free delivery!
  6. Buy flowers! she would look at them and they would wilt,just like me!
  7. Taff, its ok mate, stick with it...........we know she has a gun to your head and has cheesewire wrapped around your nuts but........SO19 are on their way, you'll be free soon.........
  8. She has to do that just to get me to give her one!

    Christ i only wanted to say that it takes a special kind of woman to be married to one us lot.WHEN WE ARE SERVING! i left in 88,i wish she would leave now!
  9. Yes the pads wives I knew were very "special" at least that's what their social worker told them. Can't see Trinny and Suzanna doing a special on ron hills, stillettos and platoon sweatshirts( sorry maybe that was just falli naafi )
  10. Yep Falli NAAFI when the RHF were there :?
  11. knuckle_dragger wrote:

    That would almost be worth watching. Think "Shameless" combined with "What not to wear"! :D
  12. Flashback.................... aaaarrggghhhhh!!!!!!!!

    Just how much Arrse can you get into a pair of Ron Hill's?, and the dainty way that the upside down legs bulge over the white stiletto's.......... :( shudders at the thought
  13. To all replies to TAff :So...when you come home to empty houses...how brave are your words then ? At the very basic level ( and I have recently been told that all squaddies care about is 'Legs, pulse and furry hole'), who does your washing, cooking, keeping the kids occupied, sorts your Pride And Joy out in bed at night and basically holds it together, running two full-time jobs, with only one of them being paid?(Domestic labour ain't so)....

    Where are any of you for your women in a crisis ?

    Come back when you feel ready to deal with the grown ups.
  14. Mamalonglegs - I think this thread was about how great women are that do perform unpaid domestic labour and keep the ship afloat while blokes are away. But if youve got a soap box to stand on, dont let me stop you!

    (mind your heels)
  15. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Yes they are! Bless them all, putting up with not only what you mentioned but also ... Happy Hour, living in "well decorated and furnished homes", living 90 miles up the arrse-hole of nowhere .... They're bl**dy wonderful!

    Mine moved house over a weekend while I was in FI.
    She was serving as well - ceased work Friday pm, moved home to new MQ about 150 miles away, started new job on Monday am. :roll:
    She's a bl**dy Star. :worship: