Special Traser Offer for ARRSE Members - Today 22nd April

If you place a telephone order today and mention you are a member of ARRSE then we will do the following deal:

(If you are overseas and cannot phone today then email me with your name, BFPO number and the model - DO NOT put your credit card info in the email, and I will reserve one at todays price for 14 days provided delivery is to the BFPO address in the email)

All Genuine Brand New Traser with 2 year warranty.

All prices include UK or BFPO Delivery.

P6500 Navigator - £94.99 (RRP £145 average Net price £129.99)
P6502 Diver - £139.99 (RRP £195 average Net price £165)
P6506 Titanium Diver - £169.99 (RRP £260 average NET price £220)

Ring us on 01205 871994 or visit www.discount-chronographs.co.uk for full contact info.

[ For confirmation of RRP's and comparative pricing visit www.h3-watches.co.uk ]

We will also offer the G10BH at £39.99 to ARRSE members.

These prices ARE NOT on our website for online ordering and are ONLY available to ARRSE members via phone orders. See our website for contact info.

Remember YOU MUST mention ARRSE to get this deal.

Today Only as I need to get my next order sorted. More I sell today (hopefully all my stock) bigger my next order = best savings in the future :D
All orders so far from today have now been dispatched by RM Special Delivery so hopefully the watches will arrive tomorrow or Monday. If you don't have your watch by 1pm Monday please ring me and let me know.

BTW, I got a 'My husband ordered a watch from you... could you tell me how much it was' call at around 2.30 today. I told the nice lady that we couldn't confirm any order except to the person who had placed it. As no ladies ordered today I thought it may have been a fishing trip. So to the person who's wife it was... your still safe :D

We still have some P6500's and P6506's left and maybe 2 P6502's so get on the phone before 6pm tonight if you want one at the offer price.

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