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Morning all,

I posted on the officer recruitment forum last night to try and determine how sensible an idea trying for the RMP as an officer was as an alternative to the regular police (I am currently a special). The response was fairly positive however the advice was more a general 'go for it' rather than specifics. This combined with the inevitable anti-RMP sentiment has brought me here.

I apologies if any of these have been asked before, I have tried the search function but you never know.

1. I know the RMP take those over 25 however, while I have been assured by a poster on the other thread that the application process is the same, I assume you have to be particularly sparkly for them to want to take you over a 21 year old straight out of uni. Is this the case, is there anything I should be aware of as an older applicant?

2. My desire to join the RMP has arisen from the sheer number of individuals volunteering as specials country wide in an attempt to join the police and the distinct lack of forces hiring regulars (my own force doesn't envisage recruitment for at least two years). I have only been a special for 6 months, this means I've done all my training and have been out and about for a couple of months, in 6 months I will be independent however I will also be 26 and 7 months. Would delaying my application benefit me in any way or should I start ASAP?

3. Is my time as a special going to benefit me in anyway or are the roles to dissimilar?

4. Your opinion as a serving/previously served member of the armed forces. Officer or solider, which role looked more interesting, which would you not touch with a barge pole, why?

I understand there seems to be fairly high level of anti-RMP sentiment in the army. I won't apologise for wanting to apply or claim that I will be 'different'. However if you think there is anything I have missed or not thought of I would be interested to hear.

Thank you

Sammy, best thing to do is contact the RMP recruiting officer based at AGC RHQ in Worthy Down, he can give you all the info you need based on your Qs above

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Sammy, can I just suggest you consider your words before approaching them?

Internal transfers within civPlod are done by paper application, aptitude tests and competitive interview. Every time I see an application which commences "I can't get where I want to go, so I thought I'd try you", or "I can't get out of where I am", it goes back to the bottom of the pile or in the bin. Nobody wants an unfulfilled escapist, they escape again at the first opportunity.

Try to make RMP feel like you want to be there in the first place, and have a good explanation for these threads in your back pocket come the vetting.

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