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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, Mar 13, 2004.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. Probably a good thing that this move has such limited support. The idea of a large number of unwilling, unhappy and resentful arabic-speakers performing the obvious functions after being wrenched from their mosques should make the US Chiefs of Staff a little nervous.
  3. There has been something similar to that over here. The MOD has given contracts to, I believe, about 200 arabic speakers from universities around the country. Apparently this is all due to a shortage of arabic speakers in the military.

    They go to Beconsfield to be tested (language tested that is), then have some to theatre language training and have been (or will be) sent to Iraq.

    They are not militarily trained or clothed and are given the blue flak jackets commonly worn by the press. (Can't see how that would stop a suicide bomber mind!) And why might some graduate be interested in such work? Couldn't be the £200 a day they're being paid could it?

    If I was a military arabic speaker, I'd be pretty pi55ed off that civvies are being paid 2 or 3 times more than them and not getting any of the sh1t that goes with being military! Thankfully, the British military isn't run by bean counters........doh!
  4. In some instances it seems to be quite a good idea. The Sigs could save a fortune recruiting suitably qualified and experienced people with IT Quals. A young person with an MCSE/CCNA with limited experience in civi street isnt on a fortune, and the IT training they have isnt that different from the course objectives for IS Operator. The Corps could save themselves a fortune in training costs and speed up the manning of the IS Roster. Seems like a good idea to me.
  5. But surely then the problem is trying to get them into the Sigs in the first place?
    That comes back to recruiting.
  6. Obviously - but the term "targeted recruiting" comes into play. Adverts placed in the various trade papers and mags could work. The idea is surely relevant for the other Corps. Huge savings could be made on the training budget if a recruit already has the required skills and only needs to complete an "orientation" into their particular Corps.
  7. That's true.
    Why not then give them annodated (is that spelt right?) seniority, such as is given to Officers who've spent three or four years getting a degree?
  8. As far as Iraq goes IT support has been commercialised already. It was one of the first things set up after the ground war finished. Sigs established a coalition network and handed it over to a civilian agency to administer. IS support is still there but more of a Mil/Civ interface. You also have to remember that IS support especially at the lower level Sig-Cpl has only just started to take off.

    The civvies on the IT side were not earning mega bucks. The comms engineer civvies however were on a fortune.
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Or, perish the thought, have a look at TA Soldiers' CVs.....

  10. They did this for Telic 2 IS Ops posts.
  11. ante-dated ? - ie dated prior to?.....

    annodated sounds like something you hear on the grapevine

    but then again, perhaps thats what you meant?
  12. But how many TA soldiers especially Sigs TA ended up bolstering the guard force and MT. I knew many in 81 sigs in Iraq at the time who couldnt believe after being shipped out to Basra ended up doing escorts etc. That included all trades. They very rarely got the opportunity to employ thier skill sets. A CO will use his men/women as he see fit.
  13. I'm led to believe they were fully employed in IS Op duties but then again they weren't being employed in their trade (they were AS and Radio Relay Ops).

    Guard force ?? Can't believe they trusted TA Sigs with a loaded rifle.
  14. Sorry, what I meant was the 3 years seniority that Officers get, having spent it at Uni getting a degree. Accelerated promotion to Captain and all that...
    Is there is a similar system for Soldiers? If not, then perhaps it would be a good idea to start attracting more people with the right qualifications in.