Special relationships

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by alib, Dec 4, 2010.

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  1. Via The American Conservative No exit from the special relationship by Scott McConnell
    This is an interesting idea: an impressionable DC being ideologically captured first by the fading worldview of The Breed and now by an increasingly paranoid Israel. There's some truth in that. As with Wall St folk within The Beltway have come to an unconsidered conclusion that what's good for them is good for America.

    It's a long essay, concluding that the lopsided Israel-US bond may have a multi-trillion dollar cost and will continue precisely because this traumatized victim state must be held close and constantly reassured and coddled as otherwise it may lash out and endanger regional stability and DC's oily interests.

    This is an exaggeration of course. DC is quite capable of messing Persian Gulf stability up largely under its own steam. DC's single biggest problem here is simply that the dusty little midden is a tremendous distraction. An insoluble and relatively minor conflict that absorbs vast amounts of political energy. Just observe Barry's predictable vaudeville of pratfalls in attempting to herd an obviously unwilling team Bibi and the hapless Pals towards illusory peace talks. Like a yapping lapdog attention evidently just encourages the buggers, it actually would be best ignored. What happens in The Holy Land pales in importance compared with the fate of The House Of Saud, Pindi or Ankara and what Beijing, New Delhi and The Kremlin are busy with is even more important than those.
  2. "it had been seeded by Britain long before, in the decades preceding World War I. Americans were the audience for Kipling’s call to “take up the white man’s burden.” Rhodes Scholarships prepared Americans for leadership. Before America was Britain’s ally, it was Britain’s pupil. Or, as Christopher Hitchens would describe it in Blood, Class and Empire: “[T]his relationship is really at bottom a transmission belt by which British conservative ideas have infected America.”

    I always find it remarkable how commentators - usually US ones steeped in their own airbrushed version of the US revolutionary liberation myth - tend to overlook the fact that much of USA's anglo-conservatism arises not from some perceived malevolent trans-Atlanitic virus out of London, but because the country is of course itself of substantially British origin and tradition. The most anglo-conservative parts of the US are that way by virtue of tradition, and not "infection"....