Special Relationship Over - Foreign Affairs Committee

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Surrey_Trog, Mar 28, 2010.

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  1. "The committee said although Britain and the US still had close ties, the UK's influence had "diminished" as its economic and military power had waned."

    Well it seems they have little use for us now, so we're on our own. I blame George Dubya, they do too! Linky
  2. I blame the psychotic twerp Brown and his equally noxious and unpalatable predecessor Bliar.
  3. There remain certain unique elements that continue special, but the rest has been poodle-shaped for years (notably under Blair). But I suppose "special" doesn't mean "equal"; so business as usual?
  4. I think they are right. Certainly the yanks began to seem a lot more 'foriegn' under Bush.

    The USA has one very special relationship but it is with Israel, not Albion.
  5. lol, there never was a "special relationship"; we brits are the only ones that ever thought that there was. The US press never refer to there being one, not ever.

    Special Needs more like!

    The US will get in to bed with who it see's fit. Its a bit of an international bitch, goodlooking, fcukable but also a bit of a bully that can pack a hell of a punch.
  6. Probably find these bunch of people actually have zero impact on any relationship with the US which will continue no matter what the talking heads say.

    I wonder how much money was wasted for them to try and pick low hanging fruit?
  7. This is what the chairman of the FAC said. It seems to me an entirely sensible and and balanced view of the 'special relationship'

  8. I would agree with you Micawber - but this kind of special, often sees Israel hand the US their a** in diplomatic terms, like over the past 2 weeks.

    The Israelis like to think they have a special relationship, but don't let it conflict with their own national interest. Sat in Jerusalem for the past week, the talk has all been about this and how Netanyahu was right to slap the US down over demands on building in East Jerusalem....and so it goes on...

    Perhaps, we should do same whenever we get opportunity.........
  9. Suez was in 1956. Have the great and the good on the Foreign Affairs Committee had their heads up their pin striped arses all this time?

    It taken a half century of post-imperial vanity before the Brit policy elite finally understands their place in DCs heart. Somewhere behind the more independently minded French, the richer Japanese and industrious Germans and China, bobbing around at the back with the Italians and Irish.

    Toadying to a greater power in the hope that some of its prestige will rub off and impress the other little guys on the cheap is not a way to build up Wasta. It's not surprising we always seem to be getting our iPods nicked by dusky folk even though we are a nuclear power.

    The Offshore Balancer asks Where’s the Respect?
  10. Special for whom?
  11. I say we pullout of Afg and redeploy to the Falklands.
  12. Good article - I've heard the view, both from US DOD staffers and from UK diplomats, that the AUS/US relationship on defence and security issues is in many ways better than the UK/US one precisely because Canberra is very realistic about its world role and not burdened with nostalgia for a long gone imperial past.

    I do cringe at the delusions of some Brits about their 'specialness' and what they bring to the UK/US party. As an example, I was involved in a thing where the US military invited the UK to become involved in the use of some fairly exotic military capability. One of the UK officers involved was convinced the motive for this unexpected sharing was that the US had realised they were incapable of actually planning and executing the employment of their own capability and had approached the UK for help because they 'admired the British capability for lateral thinking' - an opinion he shared with senior officers at every opportunity. The harsh reality was that the US needed to operate from UK territory and had no option but to share knowledge of the capability. Had the US needed to operate from French territory then their discussions would have been with the French MOD and they would have foregone MODUK's vaunted 'capability for lateral thinking'.

  13. Spot on.

    Just about all the arms the US supplied the UK with during the World War II, we had to pay for and we only recently settled the bill.

    Whereas Israel gets around $10 billion dollars a year from the Yanks, which includes all the latest military hardware and none of it will ever be paid back.

    To keep this huge amount of cash flowing towards Israel each year, AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee) has the second most powerful Lobby in the US, with a budget of around $20 million dollars a year to see that the Senate and Congress keep onside and the cash flowing.

    No American politician dares to speak out against Israel or show support for the Palestinians for fear of AIPAC.

    Uri Avnery writing in the Israeli Newspaper Haaretz on the Israeli Lobby in the US:

    "It's electoral and financial power casts a long shadow over both houses of the Congress.....Hundreds of Senators and Congressmen were elected with the help of Jewish contributions - resistance to the directive of the Jewish Lobby is political suicide. If AIPAC were to table a resolution abolishing the Ten Commandments, 80 Senators and 300 Congressmen would sign it at once. This Lobby frightens the media too, and assures their adherence to Israel."

    Ask Earl Hilliard, the five term incumbent, who committed the above mentioned political suicide when he expressed sympathy for the Palestinians. As did Cynthia McKinney, who called for a proper debate on the Middle East and a real examination of the lead up to 9/11.

    On both occasions AIPAC (Jewish) money was showered on their opponents and both were removed from office.

    Black Buck One - Out
  14. You sure about that? better check your sources again.

    Actually, if you look where the aid goes to most comes back to the US in purchases of US made items.

    Earl Hiliard lost to Artur davis because he didn't recieve a Majority in his primarily Black constituency(61%). Davis pointed out that Hillards biggest work for Blacks was in incarcerating them as a prosecutor. Or do Jews now control how Blacks vote as well?

    Cynthia moonbat McKinney lost after several embarassing incidents including punching a Police Officer while attempting to bypass a security checkpoint. Which by the way, if she had bothered to wear the special lapel pin she could have easily passed through.

    Ahh Evil Jews, are watching you. A Mosad hit team using icelandic Passports is on its way now to slot you and Tubbs, SAS is going to handle Bugsy in a coordinated attack.


    Watch out for their Jew Claw.......