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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Lizardo, Dec 11, 2006.

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  1. Whilst flicking through link after link after link I came across a cap badge and description of the special recconisance regiment apparantly formed 2005. I have been out for a couple of years now and have never heard of these ninjas of the night. Can anyone shed any light on them and their role etc. I am only guessing here but is this an off shoot of the bushy side board mexican moustache wearing chaps who used to inhabit the "special signals dog handling MT section"[​IMG][​IMG] compounds in the likes of palace barracks etc . I am no art critic but a pretty shite capbadge they have and I here they wear the sand beret !!?

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  2. Don't worry, its just a cover name for 49 Para.
  3. edit I mistakenly wrote about the para rangers.
  4. nah- i think it is the recce platoon of 49 para- really secretive bunch, hard as nails... need any info get on to this chap
    St John Walter (Corporal Retired)
    Walter House
    the great stories he tells of when he was serving in 49 para (at larkhill barracks) charming
  5. The web page I found them mentioned a few high profile incidents they where thought to have been involved in ( didnt quite go to plan ie **** ups) if they were involved or not I dont know but there was a reference to being based on the same lines as JCU(NI) which is walt city
  6. Jack is wrong (no offence mate) The Joint SPecial FOrces Support Group (JSFSG) was formed from 1 Para with elements of Royal and RAF Regt as the UK Cat 2 support to SF.
    SRR are the official designation for what used to be known as 14 Int amongst various other sneaky beaky names. 14 Int was prohibited by terms of reference from acting outside the UK and NI theatre, t ring their unique and much needed skills into the larger SF pool SRR came into being. Now 3 x Btn in the SF Brigade: SBS, SAS and SRR.
  7. *yawn* ...a walting we shall go :p
  8. They were set up last year. By all accounts a good idea, but wait to see if it works in practice. Not that we'll ever find out.

    Its a shite capbadge though. Whats with the Sparten helmet, mabey they are all in to Greek Love.
  9. Are there any E2 slots there for Snipers or 16mm projectionists ?
  10. It is a corinthian helmet and the dagger falls in line with the SBS and SAS style capbadges....
  11. Still looks stupid
  12. Bet they still have a fire exstinguisher nco though
  13. Just the new name for 14Int by all accounts.
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