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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by blue-sophist, Jun 27, 2008.

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  1. [​IMG]

    A limited number of these pins is still available.

    If you are Serving or ex-RAF, or have a friend or relative in that condition :wink: , you can order online >>> HERE <<<

    All profits go initially to RBL (Jersey) and end up with RBL (UK).

    Stand out from the crowd with your RAF Poppy Pin [white socks optional] 8)

    poppystore.org operates with the full approval of RBL(J) and RBL(UK) ... this is a NODUF fund-raiser for the Royal British Legion.
  2. Unfortunately there is the following error message on the website checkout and sales cannot be completed :(

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  3. I know he's unavailable [and monstrously busy] at the moment, but I'll pass that message on. [He'll be here tomorrow, installing my new iMac and networking all the existing kit].

    It may be because some of the stuff is restricted to Jersey sales only.

    Anyone else having trouble posting an order, just shout on this thread and I'll try to get a manual reversion set-up working for you.

    If you're embarrassed you can do it by PM, of course ;-)
  4. Purchasing problem being examined by "poppystore" ... I'll let you know progress.
  5. Message sent to "where the site is hosted" ... resolution on Monday I hope.

    Per Ardua ad PoppyPin" ... ;-)
  6. I am advised that the poppystore payment issue has been repaired.

    Please resubmit your orders for this gold-plated classic item!! :wink:
  7. @ rockape34 ... I'd be grateful for a comfort call on your next attempt.
  8. thanks blue,
    received both PMs, please watch for incoming PM.
  9. thanks for your help blue ... and bump!
  10. No problem [well, only a small one]. I'm chatting on-line to him now.
    Your fault for insisting on Wales instead of UK, eh :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. Ordered and paid for :D

    Although there is a choice of Wales, Scotland and England in the dropdown menu, it glitches unless you select United Kingdom.
  12. It was just put there a a sop to the Celtic order nations, I expect!!

    On the other hand, I have to enter "UK" on websites, even though I'm not. :roll:
  13. BTW, poppystore.org are the people who have done the entire design, production and distribution job for the Sgt Slingsby pin ... for free. :wink:
  14. Daily bump ... all for a good cause.


    ... something else. :-(