special operator, is it a good job?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by error_unknown, Mar 18, 2003.

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  1. hi im thinking about trying to be a special operator but then i read the topic about them going over to the intelligence corps and i got put off by some of the stuff about sitting on a hill freezing or sweating my nuts off.
    can any of you tell me what the job is like and if its worth doing.


  2. it is moving over to the int corps, but something to think about, its on high pay band, fast promotion, so what else could you want, although they are the geeks of the corps, you get paid more!!
  3. What are the different jobs within the spec op trade I wonder?
  4. Where did you get your info about us going over to the Int Corps, cos at the minute its only a rumour.
    As for different jobs some are classified but we get to do EOD, and you can guarantee that we will go to all the operations, cos we have cornered a niche in the market(except for Afghanistan when the marines got it instead - the cheeky sods).
    Nic, you say youve read the other stuff so you know my view on my trade, its not great, but we are well paid, but our postings are limited and our bosses with a few exceptions tend to be k**bs.
    Still its better than being a tech.
  5. i heard about them going to the intelligence corps in a forum on this website. im going to talk to the afco on tuesday but i was wondering do they get the chance to do courses like 'P' coy or AACC.
  6. making coffee
    making tea
  7. I did think that move to int was unsubstantciated, still thats arrse for ya.

    Nic K: A mate of mine just did P coy from the RE, 9 months he had to wait.

    Wobbleyhead, whats the oppertunity like within the trade? U no 4 for courses and shit (e.g. P coy, S@A's, etc).
  8. Yes specops can do P coy
    Yes specops are disliked by the rest of the little world they inhabit-but only when they get to Supervisor radio level and undergo the op to have backbone replaced by jelly

    as they get more senior they form a sort of mafia-that said they can get some good jobs

    As for them going over to the Int corps-I have heard nothing solid about it-though I left the int corps over a year ago
  9. We are slowly being integrated back into the rest of the Army, the majority of our postings will be 14 Sigs orientated in the near future.
    As for courses there is a big push for us to do the military stuff such as S@A and PTI(the dark side), and even P Coy if you don't like your knees. AAC is out the window though as the marines have their own Wobblyheads (we train at the same place, but rarely work together).
    The biggest problem we have is the Supervisor Radios (although my boss at the min is a top bloke), they get made Troop Warrant Officers and suddenly think they're Andy McNab and somewhere in the sups course they must be told that all the lads prefer to be treated like turds. Its these people that most other Scalies meet and think we're all the same. Not all of us look down on everyone and hide in darkened rooms.
    Although we do make a lot of coffee and tea, granted.
  10. Indeed-Supervisors don't ya just love 'em
  11. Ditto

    Having served 12 glorious years as a Spec Op, Tele Op Spec, Royal Signals Special Operator, or whatever the trade is called this week I can concur with the above.

    And groups of us werent collectively called a 'Wallet' for nothing ya know  :p
  12. Spec ops can be a good job, but as said above it depends upon your Supvr Radio.  At the moment I am also very lucky in having a top bloke as a boss, but before that I had about 8 K**Bs.  
    One good thing about the spec op world at the moment is their dominence in the EOD.  I have been in EOD for 3 years now and I am dreading going back to a normal unit.  The idea of going to 14 and mucking about on armour does not appeal.
    Only downside of EOD is the amount of time spent away from home.  I came back from the gulf, had 4 weeks leave / work and now back in NI.  But I do pile up the LSSA however.
  13. Isn't it nice to see SpecOps all rushing back to 14 Sigs!! I couldn't wait to get there when 13 Sigs closed...2 weeks later I was so desparate to leave I spent the next three years on volunteering for Ops!! (and that was before lssa thingy)

    Finished at Digby, and leaving was the bestest ever thing I did! Being a SpecOp was the best training for civvie street ever!
  14. mate if you want a job where:

    You are actually part of a paramilitary organisation run by supvr (r)'s

    You will spend a large time sat on an RAF base surrounded by RAF people, working shifts that preclude you from being particularly fit, organised by supvr (r)'s

    There is NO JOB, (EOD may be an exception) because the supvr (r)'s are too worried about there promotion to worry about the juniors

    There is no man management (true story - two operators, one just got married the other singly and desparate to go on det - both on same trade course originally so no diff in experience etc. Who gets sent on det despite them both presenting their case to the ops (wo)?

    You will go on det. which will be run by a supvr (r) C*$k

    You are despised by the rest of the army (when you actually mix with them) because they have met supvr (r)'s

    then this may be the job for you. However just ask people about the manning levels (ie everyone has signed off because it is c$%p). To be honest if this is your thing then you may as well join the RAF as an Int An.
    On the minus side you would need to ensure you have a totally unfounded sense of your own importance matched only by your waistline but at least you can stay in till you are 55 and not get thrown out on your ear and end up in some rubbish job because the only qualifications you have are an NVQ3 and a cisco course you did on resettlement because it's what all your mates did :roll:

    Not that i'm bitter you understand :D

    on another note does anyone know what happens on the sups course which turns good lads (despite the above post, some of the most intelligent, physically fit and enthusiastic soldiers i ever met were spec ops and linguists - unfortunately they all sign off) into a supvr (r).
    Personally i think there is a secret laboratory under chicksands where their sense of reality and common sense is removed).
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