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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by ADUX, Jan 10, 2009.

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  1. The Frau's Grandfather was an operator in the SOE during WW2 but we haven't got a clue what he did, where he went etc.

    Does anybody know of a reputable website, resource or preferably a (government) department where we could research.

    Many thanks.
  2. Are you watching "Dangerous Adventures for Boys" on Channel 5, then?
  3. Whatever gave you that idea! :D
  4. You could contact FANY HQ at Horseferry Road in London and see if they can give you a steer - given that many of their members were SOE agents, albeit of female persuasion
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  6. S.O.E in the far east by Charles Cruickshank got a big thumbs up from my Father.
  7. S.O.E? Pah! My Nan worked at Bletchly Park during WW2 or as she would say,
    %z *%£ ^q7$1X8_ J^"*) +=xQ% zzzzzzzzzzttttttttpppppppppp!
  8. The surviving SOE personal files are now at the National Archives. By default they are closed to the public until proof is supplied to the Archives that the person is either deceased (by supplying a copy of the death certificate or obituary in a newspaper) or the living person gives their permission for the file to be open to the public.

    They are in HS 9 class of documents. Go to this link and type your grandfather's surname in the "Word or phrase" box and “HS 9” (without quotes) for the "Department or Series code".

    However, not all these employed by SOE had a personal file and of the ones that did, not all were transferred to TNA, especially those that went on to work for SIS.

    There is also a SOE names list. I have copy of this and can do a search for you, if you PM your grandpa's name. This will just confirm that he was a member of SOE and will give the first department or section he was assigned to but nothing more than that.
  9. Many thanks for the above advice and to those who have PM'd me with offers of help - much appreciated adn given me a few lines of research. I'm always open to new info / avenues.