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After this came up on 'Bobsleigh Erections', I thought we could start a new thread outlining events which could take place in the Special Olympics.

My starter for 10 is replacing Biathlon with Buttonathon where instead of nasty dangerous rifles, the competitors will be encouraged to try and press 5 different shiny buttons.

C'mon guys youse lot can do better :D


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Icecream van at one end of the ice rink, first across the ice wins!
Instead of the ski jump we could have the 4 man "Mong Jump". Just stick 4 of them in a bobsleigh and send them down the ski jump run, feck me that would be funny, you can imagine the squeals of delight as they set off, not having a clue what was over the edge :lol:
Two-Mong Luge - only don't give them the luge, one rides the other all the way down!


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Cross country frost bite, bare through the snow. Could be a distance event, such as last one to lose all their toes is the winner or a speed event, first to lose their toes wins!
This thread is just sick, sick, sick.

Ok, what about archery, except they have to use those toy arrows with plastic rubbers on the end?
Come to think of it, I would feel quite at home in the Special winter olympics, because I really do ski like a mong :lol:


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Could you curl with mongs?
What about the bungie tray run. All you need is 1 x metal tray, some bungies and a mong off course, tie together and set off from the beginning of the super G run, head first. Fastest one who gets down the mountain dead or alive wins, by the way all the safety netting has to be removed don't want the poor soles to get caught in it as this would slow them down. :lol:
Or what about Bowls? we could use baby mong head's to bowl down the green? Or even conkers! we get two cranes... sorry, I think I'm going a little bit too far now...
Ice dancing: Give em LSD, three cans of Red Bull and let 'em go
Speed skating: Wind them round the track with a large bungee, then release.
Cross country: Set over 6 months, without a map or helper, they have find their way between two trees 100metres apart.
Skeleton: Done on a multiple lane track, overtaking encouraged, points for style control damage and aggression.
Half-pipe: To be done in an 'old skul' wheelchair electric oners are banned

The Shot Put: you get regular olympic competitors, but instead of throwing metal balls, they throw...mongs!

Javalin: Again regular javalin throwers, except this time the javalins have a mong on the end instead of a point.
Father_Dougal said:
Lobster, think Special winter olympics :wink:
Sorry, just realised.

But, you can play conkers in the winter! So maybe the crane idea could work, it could be like Robot Wars, but for mongs, using mongs!
Mongcathalon - Strip 'em to thier y-fronts , give them a hose down with cold water, a steel tea tray, an packet of empty ice cream cones and then chair lift them to the top of a piste and release the mlaaars...ten seconds before setting the alsatians free

First one back to base wins a red balloon and a yellow ice cream
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