Special Offer Price on DPM Medic BackPack

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by SPServices, Jun 4, 2007.

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  1. Hi

    This is my first post to the forum although we have been the sponsor of this section for about 6 months.

    I appreciate many of you get your medical kit supplied to you by "work"
    but I thought some of you may be interested in a new bag we have just
    done in DPM which is currently on Special Offer via our web site.

    Most of the demand so far has come from the private security sector but
    you never know who else may be lurking in this forum that may be interested.


    Bye for now

    Steve Bray
    SP Services (UK) Ltd
  2. Thanks for the offer, although to make it more appealing to us ARRsers and the Military as a whole, we'd appreciate a better discount!

    Just by making a piece of kit in DPM does not mean it is suitable for the military. Much of the kit on the open market, and i'm afraid your kit is just not portable for us. The straps are not padded enough, or robust. Also the back systems need alot to be desired. There needs to be some way for us to carry our own personnal equipment in with our med kit too.

    If anyone is to use this equipment for "Work" then it would also need to be infra red reflective, is yours?

    I am not being dismissive, but hopefully giving you a few helpfull pointers. Rescue and Medical produce allot of equipment that is used by various agencies that falls short of the mark too.

    I'm sure some will buy it, as it may have its use, but i can't see the AMS buying it in their droves.
  3. Agree with the above, it is essentially a civvy med pack but with DPM material. If this is something you wish as a company to get into, then using customer research would guide you as to what we require.
    It is nice to see that you are trying to cater for our needs, but i wouldn't pay £100 for it. Not when i can get a specific med bergan from stores for free.
    Is this opening up the door for hoardes of walting Johnners and red cross brigade coming to events nationwide soon?
  4. Steve,

    You really have missed the point matey - a warehouse less than 800metres from where your premises are supplies all the med bergans we could ever want (and for free)
  5. Thanks for the offer but have you ever tried to keep one of those things on your back for a few miles? Great grab-bags for the ambulance services, but when your ambi is a size 10 combat high........... :D