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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by pREgeo, Mar 19, 2008.

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  1. hey ive never been in this thing before but i thought this would be a good place to ask, ive just done my ADSC and am wanting to
    join the special observers, leaving on the 7th. i was wondering what is it they actuali do? a know they are basically recce but a mean are they aswell
    trained as infantry are soilder wise ect...? av looked on here and am a lil confuzed and my AFCO didnt know much or anythng reali about thm

    PS i want to be in th best recco platoon due to me wanting to go for SRR at some point(i know this is aiming high but hey, a want a shot ) and i want to be th best prepared i can, so is special observer a good choise or should i go for 1 scot for instance nd try to go for COP Platoon or para nd pathfinder?

    plus i was wonderin if anyone could say who was th best thn 2nd thn 3rd ect... ta:)

    any info would be much apreciated:)
  2. Is it wise to want to join somthing you know sod all about? read up on the unit first before making choices!
  4. Special Observers?

    Is that the new term for window licker
  5. i do know alot about them, i was just seein what other people thought about it, i know thier history where theyre based the training ect... but i was trying to see if there was anything i'd missed, so i thought i'd ask, did'nt think there was any harm in it lol so i did:) the thing is info on them is rather scarce thats all but i've been looking on here and on th internet throught google ect... and found only basic stuff and alot of it is varied
  6. Do you mean the Royal Observer Corps? The one disbanded at the end of the cold war?
    This has to be a wah!

    P.S. Go back to school and learn to spell.
  7. And punctuate.

    And possibly some extra lessons on sentence structure.
  8. Oh, them. It threw me a little with his talking b****cks and knowing nothing about what he was trying to communicate.
  9. ok and how do you know that i know nothing, i havent said anything that isnt true so far :s and so what i'm not great at spelling sometimes, get over it
  10. No. You're not good at spelling ALL the time and I don't have to get over it. You do. The army relies on you being able to communicate correctly first time every time, especially doing an OP role.
    A smidgen of humility would do you no harm when posting. Have you noticed that you are the only person here who is writing like a 4 year old?
  11. it wasnt dispanded, they are based at cattercick
  12. Well if you would like me too write properly then i will if it will shut you up. I generally don't see the point in being so pernickety(sp?) when this is only a forum and I'm asking a simple question ok.