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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by jez2412, Jul 22, 2007.

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  1. hi there, new to this, im hoping to be joining the royal artillery as a special observer within a few months, have my adsc on the 1st august, i was just wondering if anbody had some real imformation on the job itself and what it entails? thanks in advance
  2. Just a thought, why does every potential soldier think he's going to end up in a plum job when he joins up. They don't seem to understand the basic thinking that they're joining a team and will have to work their way up. Is this a fault of recruiting staff who are so target driven that they give the false impression that the army is all about individual choice?. Instead of joining up to do all these romantic things , join up to get some of the best mates you'll ever have to work hard and play hard .
  3. what do you mean craftsmanx??? ive done basic training before and i know that team work and hard work is what will get you places, i just dont know a whole lot of how the artillery works and i was just trying to find out so i could be more informed on the unit i a hoping to join. any advice or tips are welcome, i just want to be the best i can.
  4. sorry mate have I missed the point here...you are going as a special observer ..who gave you that choice...what makes you think can do the job..

    join first then decide...you may not have a choice...
  5. well unless ive been fed a load of cobble by the recruiters (altho it wouldnt be the first time!) i was informed that by selecting spec observer that after phase 1 training you move to larkhill for phase 2, you then start working on aspects of what the job entails regarding comms etc and then when your posted to your reg you go on the 16 week course for spec observers and then after that you are qualified as a spec ob.
    im not claiming that i am indeed gd enough for this job, i may fail and have to pick another gunner job, all i am askin is for some imformation! thank you
  6. Again have I missed something ...you mean you can actually choose what you want to do ..

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  7. no im joining as a gunner, im only going by what i have been told by the recruiters, so what are you saying......that u dont choose what you want to do or do you pick after phase 2?? im all confused now so some advice would be nice? are you in the artillery?
  9. alright mate cheers for the heads up
  10. You choose your trade at the ACIO however you can't join the RA as an Observer. At Phase 2 you are instructed in Logistics, Signals or Gunnery nothing specific to Observers. Once you join your unit you then push or are pushed for observation parties.
  11. Zeitgeist that's a load of bollox.. you can choose exactly what you want to do in the RA, whether you get it or not is a different matter, what you've just said is 'you get what your given'. false.
  12. Jez, do a search for 4/73 battery. There are a couple of threads on this site that will tell you everything that you want to know, and a few people who actually know what they're talking about.

    I don't, so I'll shut up now. :p

  13. Ah ha...another OP/Special OP thread.

    Gnr Darbyshire is right, you can't join as an observer as such - there is no Level 1 Targetting course at Phase 2 (ie Level 1 OP Ack), so you do something else, then ask to go OP and get it or not depending on the Regt. Some like people to get some time in first, others will need the bods. 4/73 is a volunteer Battery (in the same way 7 Para RHA and 29 Cdo RA are volunteer Regts), so you can ask to there from Ph2.

    At Phase 2 (Larkhill) you will be streamed according to your GTI score. If you have been offered observer by the ACIO then you need to do GCS or ACS (depending what it is called this month) which is Level 1 Signals.

    You will also have selected your Regiment - for Special Observer (4/73 Bty) that is 5 Regt. Apparently you can volunteer for 4/73 from Ph2, go there, do the selction course (not easy!) and become Special Observer.

    However, as people have said before on here, it may be better to get some experience in the Gunners in general before going to 4/73, but if you are keen, dedicated and fit - go for it!

    Good luck
  14. Not being a recruiter or anything, but having gone through the whole process, my guess is the Gunner's job allocation process has changed somewhat since some of you did it.

    You get to select the job you want to do, in the case of OPA or Special Observer, you do the ACS course at Phase 2. If you are going for Special Observer, Commando or Airborne Gunner roles, you can apply straight from phase 1 and attend the selection course from phase 2.
    *Note here anyone thinking about doing it, the 7 and 29 guys I've spoken to suggest applying for their courses straight from Phase 2, 4/73 Bty itself also says it isn't a problem but many people say for this job to work in a "normal" regt first*.

    If you attend the courses from Phase 2 you have a "Shadow" Regiment, a "normal" unit, so if you fail you have somewhere to go to. In the case of 29 or 7 this tends to be another Gun Regt apparently, Im not sure about 4/73 Bty though as it is within a "normal" STA Regiment.

    Basically, you can opt for the job you want, you can try the courses for them from Phase 2, but if you screw up there goes your chance - I know you only get 3 shots with 7 and 29 and I don't know how many chances you get with 4/73 Bty.

    Hope theres some info there that can be used. As I say, Im not a recruiter but Ive just gone through the process of applying for the OPA Role with a view of trying the Long Patrols Course with 4/73 after a few years in the Army.