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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by tangl1, Dec 29, 2009.

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  1. tangl1

    tangl1 Swinger

    Does anyone know wether Special Observer's get Special Forces pay? I keep gettin told different things thats the only thing about the job i dont know that will stop me from transfering

  2. sfub

    sfub Crow


    I think there are other things to worry about than the money.

    The course itself.
  3. tangl1

    tangl1 Swinger

    Ye cos no1 thinks of the money...

    Anyone got a sensible answer?
  4. I think lee is actually being serious.
  5. sfub

    sfub Crow

    Right, sensible answer.
    No, you don't get SF Pay. You do get trade pay, but only if you pass your required courses, Signaller etc. If you think it's for you, apply to 4/73 Battery, or 148 Meiktila. 148 do get extra pay being AACC and Para qual'ed.
  6. sfub

    sfub Crow

    Why are you not going UAV? I thought that was your preferred trade?
  7. tangl1

    tangl1 Swinger

    cheers mate! i jus changed to 4/73 today infact without knowing about the pay, glad i know now anyway wasnt really going to stop me from joining i was down as 29 commando but didn't really wanna do it. ye i was UAV at first but realised i wanted to go into a specialist regiment! cheers again!