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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Sabre, Jul 15, 2005.

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  1. Last night on TV , they had a program showing some WELSH special needs kids following the lions tour of NZ, meeting the All Blacks etc...

    All Fairly routine stuff, but the strange thing was they were not just following the Lions around, they were also competing, in FULL CONTACT rugby of all things.

    Now call me cynical but i thought these people were not meant to do this, as there brains are already mashed to a pulp so to get studded when ina ruk wouldnt be doing them any favours.

    I will give there fair dues they were playing able boddied players and still wining matchs.

    The funny thing is the last game game they were playing was the Mong eqivalent side to the All Blacks. and this when the giggles really started to happen.

    Lined up like Galdiators about to face the foe they stood arm in arm, ok it was hand holding hand ready to receive the Hakka

    Now i know what the proper hakka sounds like ( i think many a rugby fan does) and its quite an awesome thing to see but this could only be described as one giant big MLLLLLLAAAARRRRRRRR, with spittles of drool flying around.

    It didnt stop there
    When the game started they just ran at each other, and forgetting the rugby ball, one of the MONG blacks punched one British Mongs, causing a big fight to occur!!

    This then set a precedent for the rest of the match apparently. Loads of MLAAAAARRRRRRing , drool flying, Mongs crying for being stamped on. But to cut the long and short of it the Brit mongs won.

    Did the Tv programme stop there?

    Oh No!!

    After the rugby game , they all went in the bar for some after game refreshments!!

    Not on bottle of panda pop, or fruit juice but proper alcholic drinks!

    they nearly drank the bar dry, so i take my hat off to them for that, but they were all smashed out there tiny little minds!
    It was bad enough trying to understand them when they were sober , with welsh accents, But a leathered Mong with a welsh accent was just unfeesable!
    They were doing a lot of beezering with the mong blacks as well.

    I was nearly in tears of laughter the entire time.
  2. Did you tape it?While I am personally aghast that you would find special needs kids playing sport amusing and you are so politically incorrect I and a few of my mates would like to watch it. Purely for research of course.
  3. Kind of makes headgear rather redundant, doesn't it?
  4. Mong Rugby. Hilarious!
  5. I am proud to be British once more.

    The thought that we can produce and field to most aggressive window lickers in the world, then teach them how to chase a ball with a bell in it whilst systematically pummelling other spazzers really has a tear welling in my perfectly formed, fully functioning orb :D

    Can you imagine to sounds coming from the scrum?

    Can you imagine the state of the ball after 30 sunshine busers have dribbles all over it?

    Next year, suggest scrappng of the Army / Navy game, field the Spaz's then invite them into the bars, or have them fighting big dogs and lions
  6. can you imagine the carnage if the game had been something like hockey?
    Now that would have been worth watching as they sticked eachother in their gummy smily faces.

    Another idea...
    I propose MONG GLADIATOR
    there could be stupid names i.e.- BELMO or DROOLER

    what think you?
  7. My name is maximus gladimus flid emous,

    And i am the mongulator,
    for if my half eaten tomato sauce sandwich doesnt get you my death cry of MLLLAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR and licking you will.
  8. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Or drain the local swimming pool to use as an arena and tell 20 of them that they get a free lollipop if they catch the greasy piglet.

  9. Better yet, Mong water polo, whilstbeing fairly aggresive when able bodied players play, can you imagine a mong with te arms like a t rex, splashing about to try and get the ball?

    They would have to keep changing players on the deep end coz they would keep drowning.

    Also the pool would be another 2 ft deeper by half time due to the drool!!
  10. Chuck in a loaf of bread and you have vegetable soup. Well stirred too.
  11. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    You would be knackered after 10 minutes after all the slavering made the pool water thicken. With some sliced mushrooms and a splash of chilli it would be like Chinese hot and sour soup in there.
  12. Mongs in a pool...... bit like a freak soup.

    If I was witness to that I don't think I'd be able to refrain from lobbing one of those black rubber bricks at one of the spazzers heads......... not like you could damage it more is it?

  13. You could have vats above them dropping items (selected by the audience) into the pool. For example: Acid or a mlllarring spaz woman with no arms and legs.

    How about dropping in a second ball. Watch their faces when that confuses them.
  14. Look at the Australian entry for the 'Swimming in great big circles' event

  15. F*ck me. I heard that W@nking can wear away your limbs, but that's taking the p1ss.