special gunfire observer or artillery observer

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by adam2012, Sep 5, 2012.

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  1. can anyone tell me the difference between these 2 jobs?
  2. One's naval gunfire, the other is... er... artillery. That's non-floaty gunfire. One's a 148 speciality, the other belongs to some other lesser mortal outfit... probably. That's how it used to be anyhow... I think.
  3. i thought they were both artillery?
    i was just researching it and they sound like very similar jobs but for the special observer you have to do the special observer selection course and this made me wonder
  4. 4/73 and 148 and the other is normal arty FOO job.
  5. is there much different between the job roles?
  6. Some...

    Look in the gunners forum and you will find a lot of info on them.
  7. Special Observers - 4/73 Bty
    Naval Gun Fire Observers (NGFO providing NGS) - 148 Bty
    Forward Observation Officer (FOO) - every other unit.
    Fire Support Teams - the current term for the Forward Observation Party with a few extra bits added on.

    BUT FOOs become Special Observers or NGFOs. The assistants (acks) will become NGS Acks. etc. etc.

    No real difference - they provide observation of fire. A "normal" FOO and his party have some training in directing NGS and Air etc.

    Special observers were doctrinally created to do a different job (insert deep into enemy territory and get left behind to call fire onto the advancing russian hoardes) - there is a debate as to how much relevance this has nowadays, as 4/73 are pretty much FSTs like anyone else. They still do the Special Patrols course, allowing them to wear the triangle OP badge.

    148 Bty complete an extra course and are based in Poole (they provide support to all, but also to "them") and are to be disbanded and the NGS FSTs to be spread amongst what remains of 29 Cdo Regt RA.

    I think that is it, but that all looks pretty confusing!
  8. heard a lot about this, is it true what they say about how hard it is to pass ?
  9. No, it's a walk in the park. That's why they're "Special" Observers and take a fair few weeks on a course with SF instructors...

    Seriously, I have no idea of the pass rate, but I suspect high, as you would be motivated and prepared before you attempted it.
  10. 148 is getting scrapped in all the cuts, chances are RM FSTs will take over.

    I've got a couple of 4/73 on facebook, the average pass is about 1/3. The years where there was 100% failure were infact because there wasn't enough 'badged' guys to make up numbers so anyone who was still standing was asked to come back again in the future, not technically a fail. All who returned ended up passing. This was because all 'badged' lads were on tour or exercise abroad.
    The guy I spoke to went to 8 countries in 1.5 years, as well as on 2 lads holidays with his team, so you definitely get to travel. Apparently quite a lot of them are young guys who will one day (attempt, but often pass) UKSF Selection.