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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by poet, Jan 25, 2007.

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  1. Ok I know I am going to get abuse for asking this!

    What you have to do to join the special forces?
  2. Don't ask!
  3. isn't it more of a 'dont call us, we'll call you'
  4. 3 years regular service, then ask (through your CoC) your CO for permission to apply, then get fcuked off by CO and told to wind your neck in. Then after another 3 years follow the same procedure as before and maybe, just maybe you can find the 'A Team'....
  5. CO cannot refuse you the opportunity. If you decide you want to give it a go then the CO can only offer advice. Only UKSF can turn you down but it is policy that if someone shows interest then they must be given the chance to try.
  6. Fair one, replace "get fcuked off" with "strongly advised not to due to possible lack experience".
  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Does the unit not have to sponsor you anymore?
  8. Like 50p a mile up brecon or £1 a tree you can hide in sort of sponsor???? If so no wonder lots try to join, must rake it in.
  9. Get a brain transplant to start with. Only a brain damaged muppet would ask such a bone question on a public forum. It shows such an incredible lack of wit and intelligence; in fact and shows that you would be wasting your time - they don't take spakkers.
  10. if youre a reg - youve got to go to the pre application briefings first. look on the intranet for UKSF selection - or get the clerks to dig out the appropriate DIN

    if youre TA, or even civi - just phone your local SAS TA - believe it or not, they are in the phone book
  11. Being "special" helps. You're well on your way.
  12. We had a chap who applied, short ish half spanish sombrero type, applied once, computer said no. Applied two years later. Passed.
    Smoked like a fatherless and drank like a fish, faster than a fast thing.... used to do a BFT like a cheetah on speed. Was nails though, sure that helped.

    edit coz i can't spell
  13. Part of your joining instructions asks your OC/CO to state that he recommends this soldier for UKSF Selection. If he genuinely thinks that you are not ready, he is well within his rights to make you wait. In fact, it is much more responsible of him to do that than to let a 20 yr old Pte turn up ill prepared and burn one of his lives un-necessarily (that's not to say that young guys haven't been successful in the past). It also helps keep the number of complete space cadets who turn up for briefing course to a minimum.
    Also, I agree with the above posts. Anyone who has served more than 12 months should have at least a vague idea of who they should see to get this information, but just to confuse things, depending on where you work, your OC / SSM may be equally clueless as to the demands of UKSF Selection. If in doubt, get in touch with the RIC Cell directly.
  14. Don't be such a knob-end, it's not exactly top secret!

    There is so much about this subject in the public domain that even I know what to do (and I'm not in the British Army).

    So stop playing the internet hard man, and either help him, or keep schtum.

  15. That's a bit of a contradiction isn't it? If it's not exactly top secret, and it's all over the public domain and even you know what to do, and you're not even in the British army . . . the bloke still has 'issues' if he's asking such a bone question. If it is so easy for you (and anyone else) to get this information, yet he can't, do you think he is suitable material for a role that requires intelligence and initiative? Might I refer you to the main point of my post?

    Internet hard man my arrse. Don't be such a d!ck.