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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Oct 22, 2005.

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  1. You would imagine that his soldiers would have cottoned on after 20 years. I can imagine his usual strategy for dealing with many situations:

    Hostage Situation - "Right Men, I will disguise myself as a woman to take the guards by surprise. Meanwhile the rest of the team ..."

    Beach Landing - "Right Men, I will disguise myself as a sunbathing woman to distract the guards. Meanwhile the rest of the team can don wetsuits and..."

    etc etc
  2. Shhh. Listen carefully. The gentle popping sound you can hear is the sound of Mil.com members all over the US, simultaneously suffering cerebral haemorrages.
  3. [​IMG]

    Maybe it was that 'GI Jane' flick...
  4. It just doesn't work, does it, even after the cosmetic surgery


  5. AH ! Its bollox. He's a Waltette.
  6. 8O 8O In my very humble opinion he/it/that really makes one ugly specimen of a female :twisted: :twisted:

    Weird septic :lol: :lol:
  7. Wasn't there a story about a serving RAF pilot who did the same thing, and the RAF paid for it all?
  8. Oh I dunno, I reckon he oops, she scrubs up well

  9. So. Lets talk about the technicalities of all this. Having your c*ck and B*lls lopped off and drilled out into a fan*y, implants in your chest, hormones to raise the voice, hair removal etc etc MAKES YOU A WOMAN.

    And what pisse* me off is that now you can legally change your birth certificate !!!!

    So what defines a man from a woman ? Is it the organs ? NO. Its bloddy XY & XX chromosomes and they ain't changed so what prick of a judge decided that if you have a bit of comestic surgery that gives you the right to change sex ?

    IT is STILL A BLOKE !!!!
  10. Yup, and if you read the article, she still wants to date women.....so she recons shes a Lesbian,,,,,,
  11. Each to her/his own, I say. And none of us have any right at all to question whether it's morally or legally correct. It's none of our business.
    I remember not so long back, there was some ex-SAS geezer who was either a transsexual or a transvestite (can't remember which). S/he was involved in some sort of fracas and s/he dropped about five Old Bill before s/he could be taken into custody.
    So I pity any mugger who might think this "woman" is easy prey. Might be in for a nasty surprise!

  12. He/she was always top of the "application of Cam Cream" class.
  13. What ever floats her boat. I've no reason to judge, she doesn't affect my life so that's all that matters.
  14. He was never a blade - he was a scaley at 264 Sqn, spending most of his years there around the commcen. Although he did do the SF comms course (which is still a good beasting mind you). And even the lads from the Sqn regarded him as a freak. But fair play - he can obviously scrap like a good 'un. I seem to recall he looks awfully like the "I'm a laydee" character in Little Britain...i.e. one ugly mutha.