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I know there is another thread somewhere on this subject (just cant find the damn thing!), but I was wondering the following...

1 Para has now become the SFSG, and is apparently already deployed on Ops in Baghdad. This follows on their support of Op Barras in 2000. Fair enough, but my question is this. Did the entirety of 1 Para re role to SF as a oner, or was there any kind of selection process to take the best candidates from all 3 para bn's? If not, is it feasible for there now to be some absolute mongs (and the paras do have them!) now wondering around as part of the highly regarded UKSF? Or a recruit fresh out of training who was lucky to be posted just before the change was announced? This is not a question borne out of sour grapes, but if the latter is true, i am sure there are some 2 or 3 para bods spitting mad with it....

Anyone in the know, without being naughty?
Quote from SOLDIER MAY 2006, "Selection for the SFSG has been made from The Parachute Regiment, The Royal Marines and the RAF Regiment...Members will retain the cap badges of their parents units and will also where the SFSG insignia...All those selected for the specialist group have passed with the Commando Cse, AB Selection Cse or RAF Pre-Para Selection Cse, all three of which involve tough physical selection and high-quality infantry training." [must admit to a raucous chuckle at the RAF Reg bit!]

It's key to remember that the SFSG is NOT SF and so an SF Selection Cse is not required.

I'm not sure about the entire re-roling of 1 PARA. I don't know if Grade III Tom McFuckTrumpet would have gone straight in to it after only a month or so out of basic.

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