Special Forces Suport Group LAD?

Discussion in 'REME' started by APSED, Sep 16, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone know what requirement you have to have to get posted to the Special Forces Support Group LAD as a VM. Do have to have passed P Company or is there some sort of selection etc?
    Thanks for any info.
  2. I would guess at being a class I tradesman at the very least!

    A mate of mine was attached to them, but his fitness wasnt anything special, so unless its changed, I dont think P coy is a requirement.
  3. It´s the LAD not Pathfinders. You fix the kit. I would imagine that is all they are bothered about.
  4. chocolate_frog, might only be the LAD but REME who serve with Para Regt do P Coy. REME who serve with Commandos do All Arms Commando Course and SAS LAD do a selection course I believe?
    As SFSG are based on 1 Para, thats why the question was asked.
  5. SAS LAD don't do selection!!!


  6. Do they bollix. There is no requirement to complete any course other than trade training to serve in either a 16AA or UKSF LAD/Wksp, the commodo's are quite keen for you to do the course. The units are rightly more interested in how competent you are in doing your JOB ie keeping the kit on the road, than what badges you may or may not be wearing. UKSF is pretty much class 1 tradesman and in order to go back later as a Tiffy you will have to have served there previously and been given a nod of approval.
  7. Are you sure?

    I heard all VMs had to drag a Land Rover around Brecon, and fix a gear box on the top of Pen y Fan before they even thought about giving you a room. And you had to carry a rifle and tiffy box in your hands.
  8. You won't be out kicking door's or parachuting into unpleasent places's so I doubt you'd need to have passed any selection
  9. On an even more sarcastic note, since when were the paras or commando classed as special forces?
  10. No Mate just apply... They very rarely deploy and you generally stay in St Athen on the camp. Every now and then there is an Op where you will be required to fix the vehicles and quads etc but no running around.
  11. FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOk you mean I've been tabbing all over the mountains of traz in vain with my bergan , LMG, and ski mask!!!You bunch of barstewards, and I thought I was nearly there with the fitness, I've spent so much time tabbing infact that I have forgotten how to turn spanners!!
  12. The reccy mechs have to carry their own pallet of stella acta tw@t up Pen y Fan,drink the lot and then eat the cans and the pallet before carrying their whole LAD down to the bottom where they have to drink the stream dry.That's special...
  13. Then strip naked as we always have (Nobby) lag more than we drank aim the stream of piss back over the top Pen Y Fan to slow any opposition up if not drown them, then crouch down and make some rusty chains after eating the tins, and wait for special forces to catch up as they don t like being left behind
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