Special Forces Funding

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by logan87, May 13, 2009.

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  1. I am writing an essay regarding the use of special forces in Afghanistan and would find it useful to know the amount of funding U.K. special forces recieve each year and also how many personell are involved in this role. I have looked through the defence budget and searched online but have thus far found nothing. I am unsure whether this is considered secret information or not. If the information is indeed publicly accessible if anyone could point me in the direction of a source for this data I would be very grateful.

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  5. Just to reiterate as it seems that the purpose of the post may have been missed. All that was requested was a point in the right direction if the information is publicly available.

  6. Which paper do you work for?
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  8. They used to come around the GS squadron and threaten to fill us in, if we didn't give them the kit they wanted. I had to to write off thousands of pounds worth of black nasty because of them.

  9. No it isnt, and you dont need to know the said info, to write an essay about the use of them in Afgahnistan.

    Use of and budget are two seperate essays.

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  13. Not at all. Just that asking for sensitive info on an open forum is not very bright is it?
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  15. Well Logan, seeing their not being helpful, i will do my best to help. The initial budget was low, now its a hell of a lot higher, roughly about ---% of the budget is spent on each SAS Soldier, thats each not as a unit. Now acting in lines with opsec, the amount of boots on the ground, is roughly, and this is going by how many we hear about, stands at ---------.

    So we are spending ---% X ------, so thats a lot of money.