Special Forces F*ck up

After all," he says wryly, "they are our allies."

Looks like it too!  :-/
Well, that takes care of Team "A" . Now, what about Teams B and C?


ha ha ha  well with twelve caught..assuming four man teams..that's A, B and C all at once! ha ha ha
Well somebody's got to be crap to make ours look good! :p
And anyway- they released them the next day after a good meal so I expect they are back in by now ha ha ha
Good game good game  ;D
Well, that takes care of Team "A" .

Murdoch you fool! Get your hands off my ride!!!  :mad:

sorry....that's the wrong A Team isn't it?  ;D

About the same level of competence though.


i never trusted the turks looks like they are trying to create a new ottoman empire  :mad:cheeky feckers


War Hero
I heard that they got lost on route to Cyprus  

..apparently they were going on holiday to Ayia napa and only took arms because they were worried that a Green jacket was there on his holiday!
Of course these guys are our NATO allies

Every time we stopped for a brew in Zenica in the Turkish AOR, it was always thoughtful of them to send one of their vehicles to follow our every move.

Obviously concerned that we did't get lost or speak to the wrong sort of people.

Always a  nice Turkish guy in the UNCA in Bihac, uniformly helpful and impartial.  I was so reassured when he told me that there was no need to worry about those nice SDA folks in Stari Grad castle.  Funny how those Turks in UNCA all seemed to be so familiar with Famagusta and know at least one USO from 9 Sigs??

< How  come so many Bosiacs from the pocket lived over the border in Croatia, must have something to hide??>

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