Special Forces Communication (SFC) Pay

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by sudafed, Oct 6, 2007.

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  1. I have heard that SFC pay has been increased, what is the going daily rate? Do you get to keep the pay when you leave UKSF Gp?
  2. not sure if it has and what the rate is but i dont think you get SF pay if you RTU,

    bit like if you leave the army, you are no longer doing the job so you dont get paid,

    1 out of 3, anyone care to hazzard the others ?
  3. I believe it is about 16-17 quid at the mo.

    You still recieve it for a set period after you leave, not sure how long though.
  4. Nah. Offrs lose it once they leave, but ORs keep it for a couple of years after leaving. If they stay away for more than (I think) 2 yrs it reduces to (I think) 75%. It then reduces again after another couple of years. It's something like that at present.
  5. SFC Pay per day is £16.34. If you leave 18 Signal Regt due to posting etc you will retain this at full rate for 3 Years at your next unit. Your SFC pay will then dop on the 4th Year to 75% of £16.34 followed by 50% the following Year and 25% for the final Year. Hope this helps, if you need further information ring up the Signals Training wing at 18 Signal Regt, they will be happy to answer any questions.
  6. Is it true that Late Entry Officers' who have been commissioned from 18 Sig Regt are then not allowed to keep their SFC pay when they move on, despite ORs being able to keep the pay for 3 years. Does this apply to all Late Entry Officers who are SFC qualified? If so what is the incentive to get commissioned if you are going to take a pay cut? Are you no longer qualified as an SFC past WO1 rank?
  7. That is an absoulutly ridiculous amount of money can someone explain to me why you are worth gatting paid 2 or 3 ranks higher than rest of Sigs and don't say because of the danger because I don't see Infantry privates getting £17 a day extra. I agree you should get extra money say £6 or £7 but £16.?? thats taking the P**s.
  8. Do the course Count, then see if you think you deserve the extra money.

  9. Yeah, but you also don't see infantry Ptes going third man through the door to save ungrateful civi tossbags like N***** K***** from getting their head on a platter.

    I'm with MB on this one.

  10. You'll have a coronary when you realise how much add pay I'm on then. ;)
  11. No mate, a ridiculous amount of money is the daily wage that you get, you sour whinging 'tard.
    Biffed Tech, more like you've biffed life you mong.
  12. me thinks this must definitly be a WAAH!!! If not you lead a very sheltered life!
  13. If you do the course and are prepared for what comes with the responsibility of what comes after they deserve every penny. You are a mong of the highest order! 8O
  14. I thought the increase was due to recruitment and retention issues along with the golden hello, reserve band etc etc ?

    How do you measure responsibility against add pay ? The guys who are calling in CAS daily on HERRICK must have huge responsibility not to drop in the wrong area and yet they don't get extra money.
  15. Thats a typical response from some hat who has either failed the course or is too fat and lazy to give it a go, knob.