"Special Forces Club is in trouble"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mazoldboy, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. Get McNab on the committee; he can make any complete cluster look good - AND make money out of it. I'm not surprised that they have problems - a society made up of people trained in the most unconventional ways of destroying something from within?

    I'll make a donation.
  2. The trouble with the SF club is that its catchment area is too small and now sadly the SOE vintage are nearly gone. It's survivability is a foregone conclusion IMHO. Shame, many a happy drinkie in there with the boys from Sterling Armaments and the "Norwegian SAS" on expenses!
  3. Didn't even realise 'Ram' was still alive, good man. His missus was an essence looking Jenny Wren way back.
  4. and a top class sport parachutist in her time. She features on the front of one of earlier BPA magazines, and you can guess why.
  5. One reason why the SF is going to the dogs is the fee, even to family members it is too high, as one of those I can say that. I was asked on a few occasions would I consider joining, but declined.

    Plus what is the use of being a member when like me, if you do not live within a reasonable travelling distance, I can get the same facilities offered on my front door.

    The only excusive thing I cannot get is within the library they have, access to out of print books on SOE.

    The other thing, as my father said when we visited the place for his 80th in 2003, it’s a club within a club and always has been. Although cordially invited inside, both my farther and myself felt uncomfortable, as our northern accents I suppose grated.

    I have spoken to several family members while researching for my fathers book, and ex serving SAS/SBS members who are entitled to join, and have found some who think likewise.

    So why should the few outsiders pay for the upkeep, of the few inside
  6. Can't Freddie Forsyth put a bit of cash in, after all, he's spent enough time there pumping people for info for his latest book?

  7. Probably because hardly anyone's even heard of it.

    A website might help.

    Tap the Spams for donations, they love that sort of stuff.

    Just out of curiosity, is it in any way affiliated to this outfit?

  8. I'd have thought that a core of celebrity supporters - the likes of MacNab, Forsyth etc. - could be brought together to front a rescue, to help put the SF on a firm financial footing. A well-thought-out (major emphasis on that) public appeal could help too, because the special forces command much public admiration.

    A more fundamental problem, however, would appear to demand sorting out entirely internally - i.e. the matter of certain members or potential members feeling unwelcome owing to something as trivial as a regional accent. Given the regional origins of many of the founders of the UK's special forces, that kind of thing ought to be drummed out of the club's ethos.

    That might change the club fundamentally, and upset some of the "old & bold", but it would open up considerable possibilities for effective membership recruitment among those currently or recently serving with SAS/SBS. And, as the First Post piece says, the special forces are vitally necessary and certainly not likely to be run down in the forseeable future.

    I sincerely hope it continues, albeit perhaps in modified form.
  9. I suppose on second thoughts that the club could open its membership to the SRR and the support battalion (1 PARA)? That might give it a shot in the arm.
  10. What about diverting a few 'lost' gold Sovereigns from operations?
  11. Cheeky :D
  12. I would be very surprised if they were not already eligible.

    I agree about the possible opening up to the SFSG though, if they are in need of members.
  13. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    There are already American members. As a matter of fact, I was offered sponseship, to join the Club; however, didn't see a good reason to spend the cash, given that I live in the USA and do not visit the UK or London that frequently, to be able to enjoy the facilities. If I did visit London, on a regular basis, I think I would have signed up.

    One of my retired SAS friends, who is a member, has offered to help me use the facilities and stay at the club, should I visit London. My last visit to London in 2006, was only for the day.
  14. Good old Ram.Glad to hear that he's still active.The last time I was in the SFC,together with a group of-essentially-NI people,we were asked by a couple of young ladies,near the bar,to 'be quieter please'.On enquiry the ladies turned out to be from The Security Service.I'm not surprised that people do not want to go there,anymore,with such ladies throwing their weight about.