Special CR´s question

Can anyone tell me if I had a CR in jan this year can my OC put in a special CR around july changing my grading for promotion ready for the board in november?

Even better can some one give me the name of the relevent JSP or whatever so I can look it up myself?
Your CO would have to make a case for an Advanced Annual: these are usually made for precisely the reasons you describe.

However...the minimum period that needs to elapse between ARs is 9 months so this probably won't work in the timeframe you describe unless someone really pulls their finger out...
I have just had a look through some bits and pieces: in exceptional cases i.e. a really short notice posting - your chain of command can give you an Insert to bridge a gap in reporting, but that isn't the case here and I suggest it wouldn't apply. Also, I have never heard of anyone promoting on the back of one...but this is the internet and there is always someone ready to sound off, so we'll see...


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MS Guide To Soldiers Confidential Reports. It's all there.
FYI MS Guide has now been superseded by JSP 757.

Special CRs can be raised as and when required - normally at the request of MCM Divs or whatever they are calling themselves this week! before raising one not at the request your MS people should check with MCM as you could all be wasting your time as the report will be disregarded.

Cheers gents, nice speedy response. I will get on the blower and keep annoying people from the boss upwards till I get a definitive yes/no. (Was gonna do it any way but I didn't want to dive in head first without the condor moment)
I looked the answer up today and just so the question doesnt go unanswered and to possibly help out anyone else, a special CR can be submitted at anytime if there is a change in reccomendation (for better or worse) and is not subject to the 6 month time limit imposed between annuals.

Cheers for the guidence

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