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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by CC_TA, May 27, 2007.

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  1. I am about to submit an application to join the Special Constabulary. The application notes state that Reserve forces are a precluded occupation unless permission is granted by my CO.

    Is there a specific form I need to fill in or is it just a case of writing a letter to my CO via the admin office?

    Cheers in advance,

  2. Do you have a surplus of spare time or are you just a glutton for punishment?
  3. Plastic soldier and now a plastic policeman? Have you committment issues?
  4. Surplus spare time and also a bit of a glutton for punishment. I have most Thursday afternoons to Monday nights off, TA and rugby permitting, thought it would be a good way to put something back into the community.

    Not really got any issues mate, 8 years in the regs. I thought a few months as a Special would give me a better insight in to a full-time job as a police officer.

  5. Hat off to you CC, but why is TA precluded? Aren't both voluntary?
  6. Must be something to do with major incidents/conflicts of interest and the like, it doesn't state reasons why just the following jobs; (Unless approved by Commanding Officer.)

    Medical & health professionals, Part-time/retained Fire Service members, members of the Armed Forces Reserve.

    Others precluded include;

    PCSO's, traffic wardens, school crossing patrols, full-time fire fighters, managers of licensed houses, security officers, etc, etc.
  7. OK! But as stated previously, hat off to you, best of Briish! :clap:
  8. Cheers Reaper!

  9. No there is no other application form to fill in. If your in the TA the application is reviewed by a police Superintendent. By the way don't hold your if its a North East constabulary I have been waiting over six months for a reply. The only problem it may cause is if your in the CCRF as I'm not sure which takes priority.
  10. TA Slagging. Its just boring.
  11. Cheers mate, any more news/luck with your application yet?


  12. I don't think it is precluded but it may have a conflict of interest depending on your cap badge. For instance, if you are RMP then you will be holding two warrant cards. It could be that Intelligence Corps may have a conflict of interest but thats all I can come up with - unless it is to do with mobilisation.
    We had a bloke in my unit who was a special and it wasn't a problem (he just didn't tell anyone!). He subsequently joined the Met full time.
  13. Cheers MBE!

    I'm in sunny Bordon (Shudder) today for a medical, I'll ask some of the bods down there for some info, get a general consensus and like usual - do the complete opposite! :D

  14. Well get yourself round mine for a Whet later then!
  15. Catch! :crazy: What time's best me ol' china? Gotta see the scab lifters first 1100ish - if they haven't VOR'd or put me down - I'll be right round!