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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Oct 1, 2004.

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  1. Just been looking thro http://www.specialconstables.gov.uk for her indoors.
    She was looking at joining the police but she met me .. etc etc

    Do they get paid? a LCpl in unit mentioned they get allowances which makes for the lack of pay.

    Also anyone know about their working hours? Is attendance flexible like the TA
  2. Specials don't get paid but they do get an attendence allowance. They have a set number of days a month they work (i think its 4) and training varies between forces. In the MPS they go on a twenty day basic course (one weekend day a week) which is a condensed version of the regualrs course. In London they are attached to all the Borough command units as well as Airport and Thames divisons. Some specialists are employed elsewhere (ie a small number of accountants in the Fraud Squad) but in general I don't think they are used particualrily imaginativly or to achieve their potential.

    The reasons for this are as follows

    1) Arrogance/intransigance from the regulars. (I speak as a regular who at times supervises SC officers) Some people do not like working with part-timers who seem to be quite proficient at their jobs. There is a bit of an unspoken conspiracy on some peoples parts to prevent SC's from getting more interesting jobs likes shield training or camera courses.

    2) Lack of imagination/intransigance/conservatism of some parts of the SC's themselves. Many older SC bosses hark back to a kinder age of traffic control and policing fetes. Inner London can be quite a challenge for some officers and they can have a tendency to come in for the gentler times only. This is vastly unfair on the bulk of the SC who are quite "up for it" on a saturday night. With the wrong line management these officers loose heart and go eleswhere. (i have quitely pointed one in the direction of RMP TA before now)

    The SC's themselves are a mixed group of people. Probably the best street cop I know is an SC and many of the SC's I first knew a few years ago have gone on to be regular officers, most are pretty average (as one would expect) one or two have been dire.

    My advice to any aspiring SC would be to do your research carefully, in particualar on the management and roles of the SC unit you wish to join. If they are "flower shows and fetes" go elsewhere. When you arrive on division make contacts within a particular shift of regular officers and work with them when they are on. You should soon become a part time member of their team and learn more than you would "guesting".

    If you want to know more PM me.

    Don't know why the HAC SC unit jumped ship from the Met. (it must have been recent) Why the City should offer more than sunny Hackney escapes me.

  3. Hmm.. wonder when someones gonna think of doing the same with the TA?
  4. Kel

    Kel Old-Salt

    Shh, don't say that, someone will tell Buffhoon.
  5. i come from 3 generation of policemen Gt Grandad a full regular copper
    Grandad a special and my Dad was a special too they both got long service medals to prove it.
    they have enjoyed it mostly yet they do say that sometimes the politics is a problem and as was said earlier get in with a team and you should be ok.
    there is a special constable forum about . i think there is a good one on delphi forums
    i haven't joined up myself as i wasn't quite physically fit enough for it so i went the ACF route , Patriotism and public service still runs in the family
  6. It's no problem.

    Serve as a Special Constable.

    Get your brains beaten to shit in a domestic or Saturday night fracas and you get to claim your BUS FARE as expenses.
  7. HAC = City of London (nicer uniform as well) :D
  8. Yeah but they are only just in the City, and they were part of the met for most of the last Century. Why change now?
  9. Leon

    I think (and this may be spheroids) that it had something to do with the blue side reorganising Specials, again this may be arrse....
  10. How strange to find a topic on Specials here, however good to see!!

    Anybody want information etc on the Specials, lets us know. My favourable subject :wink: