Special constables... up to the job ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AFG252, Oct 30, 2011.

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  1. Considering that the number of full-time police officers are being reduced gradually and recruitment of Specials is increasing, do you think that part-time volunteers will be able to cope in a civil emergency ?
  2. I suppose it would depend upon the nature of the emergency. A large scale pile up on the M25 maybe, a nuclear device detonating in London no.
  3. I'm not sure Police numbers will be cut so drastically that we'll be at the reliance of specials. A Tory govt surely wouldn't leave themselves at risk when they've to make drastic cuts. If they haven't learned from recent disobedience then it's time they packed in.
  4. I'm with CQMS on this, they do get trained you know, it's not just a case of "here's your uniform, get out there and nick some slags"........ To be fair though, whilst training certainly does help, no one is really sure how they would react in an emergency until faced with one.
  5. CJM

    CJM Old-Salt

    Not really sure the "full" police would be up for dealing with a nuclear device detonating either though.
  6. Their speciality is dodging criminals,having a brew,and giving out crime numbers.The whole Police system went to cock when it became a Police Service instead of a Police Force.....
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  7. No dramas; that's not due to happen until Xmas...:twisted:
  8. Certainly for the Met, Specials are increasingly being used to filled gapped posts: this I know as the niece's b/f is working almost a regular shift pattern every other week. It's part and parcel of the recruitment carrot that has been offered to him and others.
  9. Hello any one home?
    This is just what Adolf Cameron and his bunch of millionaire nutters are doing in case you hadn't got it.
    40,000 coppers [well its just a figure as nobody really know how many will be affected] are about to loose there way in life.
    Of course being nutters and rich to boot they don't have a lot of experience of the 80's, or even care, which is of course why they are busy privatising the NHS. Coz spivy Uncle Cedric told them it would be a good idea and would keep him in Bolivian snorting powder and Bolly for years.
    Think on both Cams and Osborne [threepenny bit sucker] both have the vast bulk of their money stash in overseas tax havens. They don't actually care about the damage they do the UK as neither of them are planing to stick around longer than to 'let me have a go or i will tell daddy'

    Oh and of course the specials can deal with large scale situations. Its the public who were first on the scene when the Rag head nutters blew up the buses and underground trains. Specials are only the public in uniform
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  10. Perhaps of Labour hadn't given all the public sector endless amounts of paperwork to do they wouldn't have been needed to start with.
  11. I think the Specials lost the plot in the "Free Nelson Mandela" stage but "Too much too young" and "Night Club" are classics!
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  12. I was talking about the real world and you me mutt are talking bollocks
  13. Rather talk Bollox than spout Purile Shite.....
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  14. Oh I'm sorry I thought you were in cambereick green.
    Labour spent more justifying spending than what they spent.
  15. I was one, and I'm thinking about going back to it, we'll never be as useful as a regular copper (with a few exceptions), the training and actual street experience built-up over time by regular coppers can not be given, the best they can hope for is as a force-multiplier by bulking up the numbers - not great but better than nothing.

    And if anyone wants to take the piss or ask why be a plastic pig feel-free - Admittedly they were shocked by my search techniques when I started - stress positions and a friendly smack round the head are so 1980s it would seem.

    Without getting too bogged down people become specials for the same reason they join the mob. (insert Terry Pratchett title here)* we're not as good as the full timers , but for many forces we're all they are going to get for a while (bit like TA then)

    * Only you can save the world, if not you who else?