Special constable jailed for ex-soldier attack

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DrStealth, Sep 2, 2010.

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  1. (theres been a few threads on this over the last year, had a quick search but couldnt find any new threads or oldies that had been up-dated with this latest info, MODS please bin if I'm posting old news.)

    BBC News - Special constable jailed for Wigan ex-soldier attack

    Finaly, after all of this bent pigs B/S and arrogance hes got his comeuppance.

    Now this bit stuck in my throat a tad, Marks face was quite a bit 'roughed-up', so to speak, by Lightfoot scraping his face back and forth on the tarmack, and he should have been able to get a few pints out of it all in compensation at least.

    The other 2 cops were cleared and are now subject to an 'internal investigation'.
    how the hell you can be cleared of being an accessory to an assault when they were holding him down whilst letting Lightfoot do the dirty deed is beyond me.
    The GMP has had more than a few 'issues' with the Judge Dread/Robocop attitudes of some of its specials (some! not the majority), but it is disturbing to note on how the force is slow, or even declines to act, when some of thier own number are clearly in the wrong.

    3 years? he'll be out in 1, but enjoy it anyway Peter. karma eh?