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Special Birthday Honours List

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In anticipation of the day I was born (6th Aug - as you all know and have in your diaries) and a sort of MYR for the SPOTYs amongst the reprobates and uncool kids, I thought I'd bestow some honours.

Nominations and reasons why, please.

I'm not giving my list away too soon (even though @Joker62 is meant to be keeping it).

Rules are:

No vendettas - they bore me. Take to PM, you minges.
No mention of BREXIT, Trump or Trannies. Not interested.
No point mentioning Spidey/Cokey or The Oracle. They've got their names on the Eternal SPOTY Award.
No nominating me or anyone I know. You'll just get a face slicing from @celticguy .

Results will be published next Sunday after I've opened all of my lovely presents.
You forgot mine last month, so you are getting Jack S from me.
I'm Scottish anyway. Tight as a duck's Arsse facing a Force 8.
That counts as "Sucking up for the sake of it".
I nominate @MrMemory for being an eternal bore and having a memory shorter than a midges dick.
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For services to unwanted or obsessive attention by an individual towards another person and unwanted,unnecessary and creepy contact between two people that directly or indirectly communicates a threat of "ooooh, you creepy cunt" I nominate ruckerwoman.
Plus a special nomination for @Pintsizepowell for being the worlds biggest penis and getting all teary eyed at people taking the piss out of London crispies.
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