Builds Special Air Service desert Jeep with Eduard PE details 1/35th scale

That's really interesting, thanks. Have you got a link to it?

I think it'd be useful to post the other years to the main Military Modelling thread :)
Google Images 'WW2 British..' should lead you to it.

ETA This is a useful reference too

I did screenshots which I could attach - do we need to worry about copyrights?
while I wait for the aftermarket figures and jerry cans to arrive before I can continue with the Jeep, I'm going to have a crack at this tractor and gun.
the next kit.png
the replacement Jerry cans arrive this morning.
new jerry can pack a.png

Tamiya again, but over 40 years of tec advances.
new jerry can pack b.png

each can is made up from four parts. two sides, the cap and three handles.
jerry can components.png

when you compare old and new, there is no comparison, I'm binning all the original kit ones and replacing them.
new jerry can pack c.png
the fifteen Jerry cans assembled, there a dozen to a pack, so it's lucky I bought two. Here they are in their first stage of weathering. Dust and scrapes still to go on.
jerry cans weathered stage one b.png

the jerrycan PE straps to attach five to the bonnet, eight to the tops of the rear wheel arches, and two to the fender steps.
jerry can straps.png

several items in white primer, the drum mags, 4 can jerry can holders,gun mounts,sand shields and bonnet catches.
drum cans ect white primer.png
Are they all Kraftstoff or are some Wasser?
Are they all Kraftstoff or are some Wasser?
that's an excellent point, and yes they are all fuel cans, there were two water jerrycans on the front fender shelf with apparently standard issue canteens strapped to them, according to Tamiya, but they point out the obvious, every jeep was unique as were each crew.
jerry can details c.png

jerry can details d.png

they include the original picture of the jeeps with David Sterling in his greatcoat, an inspirational man if there ever was one.
jerry can details a.png

this shows the front fender can in close up, no white cross painted on it, but I guess it's water.
just turn them around. Kraftstoff only stamped on one side.
water jc fitted.png

test fit and fix the four can rack, cans in German Dunkelgelb, racks in Portland stone.
jerry can test fit in rack.png
The Jerry cans all fitted up, I can put a white paint in the water cans stamped cross.
bonnet jerry cans.png

the steel band racks above the rear wheel arches.
wheel arch jerrycans.png
Some colourised photos:

It looks as though there is a registration number stencilled on the front bumper.

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