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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by crox225, Oct 15, 2008.

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  1. Hi

    just trying to find a way of contacting any old mates (spec ops) that i had the pleasure of working with over the years... was in from 1990-2000, from training to last post was

    11 Sigs Cattrick garrison
    Garats hay Barracks, Loughborough
    9th Sig Regt,
    225 sig sqn, (E/D Troop)
    RAF Digby

    if anyone was/is a spec op during those years and at the above places, drop me a line

  2. Oops! I was of the 'Old School' when Spec Ops were trained at 222 Sig Sqd Garrats Hey, near Quorn in the days of old (Spring 1964) when the training huts were heated by pot bellied coke stoves.... and Sgt Bowles was the Provo Sergeant, and Jock Costello was on the RP Staff...

    Any old Spec Ops remember those days? Though I didn't pass out as a Spec Op, the old Morse thingie.... but went on to become a Comcen Op/Data Telegraphist. I did spend 3 years at 223 Sig Sqn (Radio) at Bushfield camp, Winchester and work at Flowerdown radio site. All a long time ago now..... boo hooo! :) :) :p :D
  3. 1989-1991

    AAC Harrogate,11 sigs
  4. C

    224 Sig Sqn, Garats Hay. Later HQ Comms & Sy Gp and now the Defence Sixth Form College (DSFC) or Welbeck although you'd be very hard pushed to recognise the place now. Gone all modern, it has, and not a portakabin in sight. Lots of pretty flags flying,k though.
  5. Tks for that Old Bloke....just checked it out, found one familiar face on the pics....cant remember his name lol...have signed up for the mailing list, so hopefully some old mates will show up

    tks again
  6. Hope it wasn't my brother. Black sheep of the Corps, became an officer! :D
  7. Used to be 224 Sig SqnI was there back in the day ... Those were the good days before it became a comms and Sy Group muppet joint.
  8. I was there,

    Lightning Troop Harrogate 90a
    Garats Hay 267a
    9 Sigs, 2 Sqn, 92 - 95
    225, 92 - 93
    RHF / 2SCOTS 97 - present

    Still traumatised by Charlie the Bastard Edgar though
  9. Crox225
    Looking for some help...... My dad served as a spec op from 1977 - 2001. I am looking to find establishment badges for a painting i am putting together for his fathers day but i am struggling to find a unit badge for 224 Signal Squadron at Garrats Bay. I believe I have the rest;
    Army Apprentices College Harrogate
    JSSU Belize
    JSSU Falkland Islands
    13 Sigs
    9 Sigs
    3 Squadron 13 Sigs Berlin
    Defence Special Signals School, Defence Intelligence and Security Centre

    Any help from anyone would be great.
  10. Errm, the user @crox225 hasn't been around for 6 and a half years-still, someone might be around who can help you.
  11. Ah ok many thanks