Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by THE_EDITOR, Oct 6, 2006.

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  1. When is the Corps going to do the decent thing and take the Spec Ops from the RSigs to give them a full career. Many are seeing the light and transferring across but much boliX is being talked about how the RSigs values them so much.

    Come to that line of thought when is the Corps going to take control of Army UAVs and otherb ISTAR toys

    Next - the world !!!!!! :p
  2. When are people like you going to stop making FCUKING BONE SUGGESTIONS?
  3. and they say the darkside is boring. Can't be that bad if people are actually transferring into it FFS.

    Taking over assetts that lie with other regts/corps is a great idea...BUT, who will man it? Where do the troops come from?

    We can't even fill the posts we have!
  4. Not going to happen

    This rumour has been bounced around for years now

    The RSIGNALS still have and always will have plans for us. Hense the trade name change: Electronic Warfare Systems Operator! From what I can gather Spec Ops are still Spec Ops, the new guys coming out of training will now become EWSO!

    What next 14 MI Bn i dont think so!
  5. Why take them under our wing and have them fill our promotion slots. If anyone is daft enough to become one then let them live with it! :twisted:

    I also wish it was 14 MI Bn - maybe there would be less BS if it was properly managed and people weren't being f%*ked around so much, the sigs joined that Corps, we didn't!!!
  6. Now look what you've gone and done. Shheeeesh =(
  7. Silence Spec Needs Op! 8O
  8. There are more Muppets there than Scaleys, the only reason it isn't already is because your lot would spit the dummy about losing a CO/RSM slot. F'kin best idea I've heard in ages.
  9. They do more collection than analysis surely? One could argue that, in that context, they are as Int as a COP platoon.
  10. there's fighting there is......

  11. COP platoon, COP platoon!

    What does the P in COP stand for?
  12. What like HUMINT then or the ASTOR Squadron - a dangerous road to go down - no we should own the lot.
  13. Yeah yeah you got me. Touché!
  14. As an exercise in nostalgia this is really, y know, NICE!