Spec ops

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Titch_Evans, Jul 1, 2005.

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  1. Aren't they Just the best?
  2. Best what ? Abbreviation ??
  3. At mid-sentence capitalisation?
  4. Holy sh1t, is the corps still employing these people?
  5. He means special needs :lol:
  6. Oi...that's classified information Blackadder! Loose talk costs lives and all that.

    Sssshhhh......as long as you don't tell anyone else....yes they're still employing the mighty spec op. A bunch of fine, upstanding, pasty-looking guys and girls who fell for the trap about being NCOs straight out of training and doing 'interesting' jobs.

    Poor buggers, they should probably try to go int corps instead. The green slime are about 400+ deficient apparently. They might as well transfer before the surplus technicians do! :twisted:
  7. PD,
    I think it's safe to say that you'll be keeping your Spec Ops for a little while longer.

    A rough quote from Int Corps MCM Div:

    "Due to FAS the Int Corps is expanding by around 40%; therefore it has been necessary to increase recruitment. An increase in the number of transferees is also being investigated, but there is no question of dropping standards." :wink: :)
  8. eh? going from sigs to int is a drop in standards? shurely shome mishtake.

  9. I've read some of the posts regarding Spec Ops, most of which I have heard many times before over the years. However it must be said that the 'mainstream' Corps trades take great delight in doing down the Spec Op trade, most of which is through ignorance, fear, prejudice etc etc. What makes me laugh is the 'superiority' complex where Spec Ops are looked at as almost 'second class' tradesmen or soldiers. Well lets put the record straight. If you can turn around to your kids and grandkids in years to come and tell them when they asks what you did, that you changed air filters, filled grease nipples, tightened nuts, reterminated co-ax leads, 'fixed' radios (thats a good one), ordered fuel, camp beds and mine tape or manned a rebro or Ptarmigan node GOOD FOR YOU. I would prefer to tell mine that I had some major role in saving the lives of policemen, other soldiers, pilots, oh and a great deal of civilians. This is not me being vitriolic or smug iin anyway, its the job.

    I accept we have our fair share of knobbers, but as far as I can recall, we have never murdered any holiday guides in Cyprus, school kids in Belize, raped Kenyan women or tortured Iraqis for a laugh.

    But then again we are an easy target.
  10. Spec Op? Failed EW Op.

    Dos Vidanye - Vidanye Dos
  11. Been out for a while, by any chance? EW Op disappeared as a trade a while back, and the lings moved to the Int Corps in two tranches (in the early 90s and 2001/2002). Anyone failing the linguist course will be guided towards OPMI, not a Royal Signals trade.

    Nicely put, Howay_the_Lads. Don't get down hearted about the press Spec Ops pick up. Those in Royal Signals but outside the community who know, understand.

  12. Donny,

    Left in, ahem, early 90's. Fair one. Do realise that polyglots rebadged Slime.

    Some of my best friends are Spec Ops. Honest.


    Up a tree
    EGKK 08R
  13. Aren't they all? EW Op was the job that they always wanted, but couldn't pass the MLAT.
  14. SF.................RSIGNALS...........................come on guys, get real.
  15. An interesting post. Maybe the thread should have been titled "Spare-cocks"; that way there would be no confusion with Special Operations.