Spec Ops

Well they're weird aren't they. Nobody likes them ;)

You could only feel so priviledged mate.. now go polish some pegs, pretend you're busy and make some tea! ;)
You're right, nobody likes us, because we can be found struggling to a topless beach in Cyprus, carrying our incredibly heavy wallets. 8)

Seriously though, if anybody took the time to find out, you would find that like every trade/Corps/Regiment there are good lads and cnuts. The Cnuts usually get posted out of trade - hence the ones that none Spec-Ops come into contact with.

I've met some great blokes in the slime, but my general view is that they're a bit weird and need supervision to wipe their own arrses - and thats just the SNCO's. :D
I just wish I was smart enough to be Spec Ops. I hate hearing my mate bragging about how he got his first right after phase 2. :(
Fraser said:
Wobblyhead said:
The Cnuts usually get posted out of trade
Surely you meant to say that the cnuts usually become Supvr R’s.
Good point :lol:

You want to meet the majority of the Tfc Offr (R)'s as well.

Actually you may have a point, all the good lads seem to get out cos they've had enough of the 'Spec Op Mafia' that exists. A small but select group of chosen ones, who seem able to exert their influence (no matter how ignorant) over the hierarchy.

I'm not a chosen one, and yes, I am bitter and twisted about it.....ahh well, back into my darkened room.
The problem with us spec ops is this:
1. we dont have enough contact with the rest of the corps so you all think we are weird.
2. people in the past thought we were doing comsec stuff and listening to your phones, so you all hate us.
3. you dont see much feed back from what we do for you coz it's all "classified"


1. bring spec op training to blandford (not chicksands with the Int corps)
2. let the rest of you see what it is that spec ops do and educate the rest of the corps
3. expand the electronic warfare training so that all operators and techs do it as often as they do NBC!!

The infantry, artillery, paras and RSO's from all other cap badges can't get enough EW, its embarassing that our operators are lagging behind.

As mentioned in previous threads, where is our "esprit de corps" lets all pull together and show them just what the Royal Corps can offer the British Army in the way of technology!
The correct singular and plurals are as follows:

One Spare-c0ck – Usually seen mincing around at the back of the bays with his/her hands in their pockets.

A bo11ock of Spare-c0cks – Two Spare-c0cks, typically holding hands and skipping gaily up and down the length of the hangar.

A w@nk of Spare-c0cks – Three or more Spare-c0cks, normally under the command of a Supvr R, although this might not be at first apparent, as he will undoubtedly be leading the w@nk from the comfort of his office.

On a warm summer’s afternoon, it is often possible to see a w@nk of Spare-c0cks camping it around coastal areas of Pembrokeshire. Whereas sightings during the colder months are much more uncommon; it is still possible to hear the call of a Spare-c0ck – “It’s cold and my f@nny hurts”
didahditdahdidah said:

1. bring spec op training to blandford (not chicksands with the Int corps)
What would really be achieved by moving the Spec Op training to Blandford; are you going to move the RN and RAF training too? The Tfc Offr R's have built up a mighty little empire in Bedfordshire; they are not going to relinquish that too easily.

The Spec Op trade is a relic of the past. I admit that the trade has been adapted to try and cope with the changing environment, but there is no denying that a serious overhaul of the trade is required.

As for EW, what major contribution does the Spec Op trade bring to the world of EW? One poxy troop in a Regiment. The rest of the Spec Op tradesmen are being employed as overpaid area hygiene technicians. I think that is the term that McDonalds uses for the guy who sweeps the floors.

Are you jealous of them? Did you get beaten up by a Spec Op once? Did the nasty men do something unspeakable to you?

IMHO you detract from some of your (valid) points by turning every Spec Op thread into a "I hate Spec Ops cos they're all sh1t" rant.

Quite the contrary, I have many good friends within the Spec Op/Supvr R community. I like having a dig at them, in the same way that they attempt to mock my trade, which is not without justification. However, as I stated in my last post, IMO there needs to be some modernisation of the trade. What do they do – EOD, EW, SI? There is clearly a requirement for Spec Op trade in all three areas, but my point being, there is a distinct lack of focus. The ultimate victims of these failings are the younger/junior tradesmen, who become disillusioned with their future and sign off.
Having discussed the future of the trade several times whilst stood around the trailer/kettle/wheelbarrow (delete as appropriate) of knowledge - there seems to be a general consensus that we are dead in the water.
We are already unofficially fragmenting ourselves.
Digby is just a halfway house whilst they find something more productive for us to do. Lads in EOD (myself included) will generally do anything to stay there as the quality of life is better - lots of tours, but treated like an adult. People go to AWC and stay there for years on end, meaning nobody else can get a posting there. Then you get the hapless soul who gets posted to 14, then to 224, then back to 14 - 14 is like marmite, you love it or hate it.
Why not have 3 divisions of our trade? RSSO(EW), RSSO(G), RSSO(EOD) - the G standing for our general duties that can't be put on here. This idea has already been banded round quite high up I believe.
1. Heard the trade OPMI (R) being floated around again, know this was mentioned in the Int Corps forum not so long ago!

2. Thing is with us Spec Op's is, there are a lot of postings out there which you just dont get to hear about. Like the one im in now, i wasnt even aware of it until i came off the board and was handed the posting order!!!!

3. If these post's were SOLD to the guys coming through training maybe they would have something to work towards? We dont all sit in the setrooms with no windows, the Spec Op jobs out there can be intresting and varied!

4. Go with you though on your points aswell Wobblyhead
A lot of Spec Ops are a bit strange. But then again, so are a hell of a lot more techs - must something to do with knowing the square root of the universe, but not being able to use a kettle!

Sooner or later, Spec Ops are going to the Int Corps. It is as simple as that. Why? Because they have NO function that involves facilitating communications from HQs to BGs or vice versa. Indeed, they actually often require support from the Corps to carry their role when it comes to warfighting.

The only brake against this move is EOD. The only reason Spec Ops got into the EOD boat is because, at the time, for reasons which I know not, posts were being closed to point where the trade would not be viable. As it happened, EOD were short of Radio Ops, so in we went. (Or so I have been informed). Unsurprisingly, a lot of Supvr R's made a lot of enemies in no time at all, due to their arrogant, we know best/all, your years of experience counts for nothing attitude, which upset most of the Sigs guys they worked with. (This I know for a fact from a former EOD SNCO).

However, this need not be the case. The posts could always go back to the RTG or Rad Op group (whatever it is called today).

The real reason the Corps wants to keep hold of Spec Ops is postings (not, I hasten to add, Spec Op posts!) and kudos. If Spec Ops go over to the Int Corps, there is no way the Sigs could retain command of 14 Sigs. There would go a Lt Col, 6 Majors etc, not to mention a stack of WO2/SSgt posts. Possibly even more importantly, (I admit, I may be wrong here), if 14 Sigs goes int, the Signals loses its teeth arm status. Warum? As I understand it, the Corps only retains this status because 14 Sigs provides a service to the inf/armour/arty boys on enemy activity, locations etc. If this was to stop (or at least, no longer be a Signals provided service), the Signals would lose their teeth arm status, and become another, run of the mill, support arm. Taking this to be the case, it would make it possible that Int Corps, on gaining 14 Sigs, would gain teeth arm status. Now I bet there would a hell of a lot of gnashing of teeth and wailing around the Corps if that happened!

For what it is worth, I would agree that the trade has been very poorly managed for a long time. Blatant nepotism (can you guess what I am painting?) and a face fits/doesn't fit system have long been the norm withing trade. Most especially when it comes to promotion above Sgt. For example - what other technical trade has no Staff in Trade posts? None. Staff in Trade in the Spec Op trade were closed as there was no need for them - ie, can't have a non Supervisor trained SSgt doing the job as well as a trained (?) Supervisor Radio. Or how about a question - name the trade where it is possible (with the right connections!) to stay at the same posting for 6 years or more and get promoted twice? I'll give you a clue - it isn't Spec-Op!

Do I sound bitter? Maybe. But, it isn't good for any trade (or business) when the so called management spend more time promoting themselves / their friends or their interests instead of managing and directing the soldiers whose careers they are supposed to be in charge of. And, for those of young people thinking they are hard done by, spare a thought for people who have been in trade 9 years plus but are now out qualified by newly trained LCpls. Do you think we get onto those courses when we want? At time of writing, the waiting list is 18 months and growing - if you are accepted onto the list in the first place!

I believe the best thing that can happen is for the Int Corps to take us into their fold. It would open up the postings for us and remove the Supervisor Mafia that currently lord over the trade to their own benefit.

(Jumps into bunker, checks GPMG, places WP.......cocks weapon)
Just checking your thread and HAD to pass on my bit. As RLC EOD I was 'priviledged' to work with those wobbly headed idiots you sent us. Like most trades there are some good guys there who did the trade justice and did make decent ECM ops - as did some of the Rad Ops and RTG's.

I was a little worried though when a tall ginger glasses wearing freak of an old Spec Op turned up and after putting up a bad performance drinking the first night, declined the second night because he had to stay in and finish building his radio receiver. I was even more upset to when he told me that if he got bored with that he was building his own satelite receiver and dish aswell.

Lets just say his name sounded similar to WorKsnop. :?:

Nice guy - very wierd. Spec Ops do have their thick as mince types also, but it just seemed that you sent us the majority. 8O

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